Late-term abortionist: Pro-lifers are ‘violent’ and killing preborn humans is ‘social justice’


Dr. Warren Hern, a late-term abortionist based in Colorado, recently appeared on PBS News Hour‘s “Brief But Spectacular” segment, where he spoke about committing abortions for nearly half a century. 

Hern discussed his education in obstetrics – learning to deliver babies. But he later decided, after seeing women injured from illegal abortions, that committing abortion was “the most important thing I could do in medicine.”

Hern cited the now-overturned Roe v. Wade decision as a turning point:  “The Roe v. Wade case came down in 1973. I thought that implementing the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade was very important. It didn’t mean anything if doctors weren’t doing the abortions.”

Hern opened his office in Boulder the year of the Supreme Court decision, and has spent his career committing abortions in all trimesters of pregnancy.

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In the interview, Hern further stated that the death rate due to botched abortions was, for Black women, nine times higher than for white women, and “so this was a public health issue, a social justice issue as a matter of great anguish and suffering for individual women.” 

Although Hern frames his pro-abortion views in terms of compassion for women, it’s difficult to take the late-term abortionist seriously in this regard. Not only has Hern long considered humanity to be a cancer on the planet, promoting a paper he published in the 90s on his own website, but he even published a book this year named for the pseudo-scientific moniker he create to describe mankind: Homo Ecophagus – or “the man who devours the ecosystem.” 

In this book, Hern assures us that he is quite serious about the threat posed by “the malignant ecopathological process represented by the human species,” according to a book review in Vail Daily. The solution, according to Hern, is the “voluntary control of human fertility,” including unfettered access to abortion on demand. Hern’s dehumanizing view of humanity – which he views as a malignant cancer – both emerges from and has been shaped by decades of his work as a late-term abortionist. Hern’s professed sympathy for “women’s anguish” rings hollow. 

Hern also had a few choice words about violence, specifically the violence he claims he has faced at the hands of some pro-life activists. In one sentence, he condemned the overwhelmingly peaceful pro-life movement for the actions of an extreme minority: “These people will stop at nothing and they will accept any level of violence to impose their views on other people. This is a violent fascist movement.” 

But violence is at the core of the profession Hern has chosen, something even he has acknowledged. “You can never get used to this,” he said, according to an article in the Guardian. “I think we’re hardwired, biologically, to protect small, vulnerable creatures, especially babies. The foetuses may not be babies, but some of them are pretty close.”

The Guardian article goes on to suggest Hern’s essay about how staff reacts to the violence of D&E abortions. As Live Action News has reported, such emotions are typically intense.  

Dr. Hern closes with an attempt to justify his continued work in a post-Roe v. Wade era: “Women will have abortions whether they’re safe or not and whether they’re legal or not. There is no justification whatsoever for forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy to term against her will. None.”

Hern’s insistence on abortion without restriction – a view that even most people who support abortion do not support – emerges from a twisted worldview rooted not in compassion for women, but in a sick form of nihilism and megalomania. In his mind, the violence of abortion is the “treatment” for the cancer of humanity, one that he has spent his life trying to put in place, one preborn baby at a time.

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