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International abortion pressure was no match for Argentina’s love of life

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Bodies like the United Nations constantly attempt to force abortion on countries like Argentina that have historically supported the right to life of every human being from conception. In 2016, the UN ordered Ireland to change its Constitution (which recognized preborn children with the right to life) and also ordered the nation to give money to a woman who was denied an abortion. Of course, the UN does not actually possess the power to command nations to change their Constitutions, but it attempts to do so anyway. And on September 8, Argentina’s Senate voted down a bill that would have legalized abortion on demand throughout the nation. The vote was 38-31, with Senator Silvina García Larraburu changing to a “no” just days before the vote came down.

Sadly, earlier in 2018, Ireland succumbed to the international pressure and legalized abortion. Argentina has taken a different course, holding true to its own values. And it has done so despite the international abortion industry’s unrelenting efforts to liberalize abortion laws.

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Neydy Casillas, Senior Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom International, testified before the Argentinian Congress, urging them to reject the abortion bill. In an interview with Live Action News, Casillas explained that she had to counter the talking point that there is an international “right to abortion”:

The truth is that there is no international treaty that mentions abortion or any provisions where the right to abortion can be interpreted from. On the contrary, all the international treaties protect the right to life for the unborn. The problem is that some of the UN and OAS treaty bodies are manipulating the intent of the treaties to advance their agenda.

Casillas says that, despite the claims of the UN and others in the international abortion community, they are the ones in the wrong when they attempt to use force and money to push their own agenda on Argentina and other nations:

If Argentina decides to create a right to abortion, it will be in violation of the international commitments it has agreed to and that are part of its constitution. When international treaty bodies, through their recommendations, attempt to create new rights, they are attempting to take away countries’ right to self-determination and, therefore, to the legislative functions that were granted to the parliament as the legitimate political representatives of people.

Casillas believes that international money is pouring in to Argentina in the attempt to push abortion. Many were surprised that President Mauricio Macri pushed his Congress to consider the abortion bill, as he has claimed to be pro-life. He had also promised to not veto the bill if it passed. Casillas told Live Action News the reason for this is money:

President Macri received money from the IMF right before he made the call to Congress to debate the abortion question. But there was also IPPF [International Planned Parenthood Federation] and Amnesty International putting tons of money into this, because we all know the abortion industry is a business and not about providing care for women.

But women in Argentina, said Casillas, actually need “access to health services, medicine, and especially care before and after pregnancy.” She added, “During the hearing, several women from impoverished situations testified that they did not want to kill their babies. They just wanted to have the means to feed them.”

But despite the real needs of Argentinian women, the international abortion groups only wanted one thing: to push abortion on demand throughout the nation. Casillas explained that some senators changed their minds prior to the vote and decided to oppose the bill for a number of reasons — one of which was the fact that people took to the streets “to give a voice to those who do not have a voice.” Casillas said that bill “was very extreme” and “was not about decriminalizing abortion until 14 weeks but pregnancy but about creating a right to abortion where unborn babies up until 9 months can be killed.”

It was also about forcing people to act against their conscience, forcing doctors in some cases to practice abortion against their conscience under penalty of jail. The senators who changed their position did not believe that babies should be killed at 9 months or that doctors and hospitals should be forced to act against their consciences. This is why they changed their mind. In addition, the senators saw and listened to the huge number of people manifested on the streets….

The international abortion cohort, which includes International Planned Parenthood, has the entire region of South and Central America in its sights. Casillas reported that “these regions have been targets for the abortion movement” for years, and what they want is “to impose abortion around the world.” However, “In Latin America, it has not been easy for them because most of the constitutions throughout the region protect life, but furthermore the value of life lives in people’s hearts.”

Casillas believes it is important to continue to expose the hidden work of International Planned Parenthood Federation and its allies in the international abortion industry. IPPF uses money from Planned Parenthood in the United States to fund its abortion push on nations like Argentina. Casillas says that “not many people know about Planned Parenthood and IPPF and its business on trafficking aborted baby parts,” as so much of the gruesome work is done out of the public eye.

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Abortion is pushed under the guise of “women’s rights,” but in reality, it is a means of controlling certain populations. Casillas said:

This is why all the main international organizations who support the abortion industry are putting tons of money to try and change people’s minds and hearts and to change countries’ laws, because if they do not spread abortion in Latin America, they won’t be able to achieve their goal. (We can say the same thing is happening in Africa).

In the just-published “Abortion in Latin American: Legal Strategies to Fight for Its Legalization and Face the Conservative Resistance,” the authors and strategists admit they have a comprehensive plan to push abortion on the women of these nations, all while ignoring their true needs. Instead of fighting to reform cultures where women experience violence without recourse, the international abortion industry has one solution: violently kill children. Instead of coming to the aid of women and lifting them out of poverty, the abortion ‘solution’ merely perpetuates violence and does nothing to change the lives of women and families.

It’s time to bring the work of the international abortion industry out of the darkness and shine a bright light on their violent, anti-woman goals.

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