Hillary Clinton and ACLU attack Indiana abortion law

Hillary Clinton

Over the weekend, both Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the American Civil Liberties Union attacked Indiana’s recently-signed pro-life law.

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the law, which takes effect in July and bans abortions for genetic abnormalities, race, or sex,  requires ultrasounds before abortions, admitting privileges for abortionists, and that aborted babies be either buried or cremated. A date for a preliminary injunction has yet to be announced.

ACLU executive director Jane Henegar called the law an “intrusion into the relationship between a woman and her doctor,” and a violation of Roe v. Wade’s right to abortion.

However, following Roe the Supreme Court actually upheld a wide variety of restrictions on abortion, including parental notification, regulations on the procedure, limits on taxpayer funding of abortion, waiting periods, and informed consent, to serve legitimate state interests in women’s health and fetal life.


Hours after the ACLU filed its suit, Clinton told a crowd at an Indiana campaign stop, “I’ll tell ya, I’ll defend Planned Parenthood against these attacks. And I commend the women of this state, young and old, for standing up against this governor [Republican Mike Pence] and this legislature.”

The former First Lady, New York Senator, and US Secretary of State is running on a 100% pro-abortion platform and voting record.

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