Hemorrhaging woman sent to hospital from Maryland Planned Parenthood

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A hemorrhaging abortion patient was transferred to a hospital from a Planned Parenthood in Annapolis, Maryland, on October 4, 2016, at 11:08 a.m, reports Operation Rescue.

A local pro-life activist recorded the incident, stating that the female patient was transported by gurney. Operation Rescue was able to obtain recordings of radio traffic regarding the incident, and states that this is the second medical emergency documented at this particular Planned Parenthood this year. 911 records from that January 2016 emergency were heavily redacted, therefore no further information as to the nature of the emergency is available.

In 2013, the Annapolis Planned Parenthood failed its initial inspection, but was granted a license anyway, according to Operation Rescue, despite the fact that “an inspector documented improper sterilization of surgical instruments in a leaky sterilization machine.”

The facility was found to be compliant with Surgical Abortion Facility requirements in July 2015, OR states, but based on reports of abortion-related emergencies at this Planned Parenthood facility, women still have the potential to suffer injuries from abortion.

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