Greg Gutfeld: ‘I’m amazed how the media salutes conscientious objectors over war, but not abortion’

Members of Congress have recently introduced legislation which would repeal and replace ObamaCare and defund abortion giant Planned Parenthood for one year.

On the March 7 episode of The Five, the show discussed defunding Planned Parenthood, offering a refresher on President Donald Trump’s pro-life views and his opposition to Planned Parenthood so long as they perform abortions. The president offered to keep Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding if they cease abortions, but the abortion giant adamantly refused, finally admitting how much their business is focused on abortion.

Co-host Eric Bolling mentioned that federal funds cannot go towards abortions, though he called it “that grey area.” While this is technically true, except in narrow circumstances, money is fungible, and so Planned Parenthood is able to more easily free up funds for abortions by getting nearly one-half of their budget from taxpayers.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld expressed his amazement that many in the media give little credit to the majority of Americans who object to funding abortion:

It comes down to if you think abortion is the taking of a life, then forcing you to pay for somebody else’s abortion is a moral intrusion. That’s the argument. I’m amazed how the media salutes conscientious objectors over war, but not abortion. And so instead, what the goal here, to dehumanize the unborn child to a mass of cells. So it’s a medical procedure like getting a mole removed, so therefore somebody else could pay for it. Somebody actually has to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Which is why this dialogue, wherever it goes, is important, because it’s actually talking about this question.

Co-host Bob Beckel reminded his fellow co-hosts about the Hyde Amendment prohibiting federal funding from going towards abortions, noting that “not a single dime” goes to them, although funding can go towards abortions for those who have become pregnant through rape and incest. Yet he also failed to acknowledge how fungible money is. Worst of all though, he repeated the oft-repeated but false claim that Planned Parenthood is really all about other health services, besides abortion: “Planned Parenthood does, among other things, a lot of screenings, a lot of mammograms, saved a lot of lives…” which went unchallenged by his co-hosts.

Live Action’s video debunks the idea that Planned Parenthood is a major health care provider:

Planned Parenthood CEO and President Cecile Richards admitted before Congress in 2015 that her organization does not and cannot provide mammograms, though she did falsely claim that they have never led anyone to believe that they did. The organization and its supporters have falsely claimed — time and again — that women rely on Planned Parenthood for mammograms, in an attempt to drum up public support and sympathy.

Despite Planned Parenthood’s efforts to deceive the public and its attempts to convince women that it is essential, Americans deserve the truth. Planned Parenthood is America’s Abortion Corporation, and the organization should not receive a single additional cent of taxpayer funding. As Gutfield put it, “Somebody actually has to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” That includes the children and the women that Planned Parenthood destroys and damages every day.

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