Girl’s short life inspires a lifetime of change for her parents

Each life has purpose – but we can only fulfill that purpose if we are  given a chance at life. The Blaze Best Moments’ Facebook page does an incredible job of sharing this truth with us. The stories of hope, triumph and love are inspirational. These life-affirming narratives include the touching story of conjoined twins, Anders and Brodie, and the story of a triple amputee who was adopted from a Russian orphanage.  Another beautiful story features a baby girl whose short life changed her family’s forever.

This couple’s daughter, Zoe, was born with congenital diaphragmatic hernia. She spent her short life in the hospital. While her parents mourned as any would, they were also able to find great joy and great purpose in Zoe’s life during the short time they had with her. Her mother Erin writes:

This picture was taken hours before she passed away. The joy she always gave us is still true to this day. Her short life inspired my husband and I to join the medical field, and help others as we were helped. Today, we observe her fifth birthday and remember the good times. She was a perfect storm sent to us to change our lives and find our true purpose. One day, I will see my daughter again -until then, I will try every day to be worthy of her gift to us.

And that is what we all need to do: value every life. Regardless of an individual’s abilities, struggles or flaws, each person deserves the chance to live out their purpose – even if we don’t yet understand what that purpose is.

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