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Four commercials that celebrate life – by Coca-Cola, Boba, and Tide

1) “Life as Parents” by Coca-Cola

This has to be one of the all-time best commercials! When the mom holds up a positive pregnancy test, the music breaks out in, “There’s a life!” And you’ve got to see the dad’s reaction to what must be a second, unplanned pregnancy. If only all parents celebrated and loved life just like these two.

2) This commercial by Boba, a baby carrier and baby wrap company

Boba’s commercial talks of mothers who weren’t ready, who were scared, but who gave life to their precious children all the same. And it speaks of how babies make us mothers. At the very first instant of their existence, our little ones show us that we are already their mothers.


(Two little FYI’s: First, this commercial shows a mother breastfeeding. And second, when the commercial refers to the unborn baby as a pea, a lemon, and an eggplant, it’s referring to the size of the baby at different stages of growth. A girl I know did cute pregnancy photos using fruits and vegetables that were the size of her baby at that week in her pregnancy.)

3) The video below with two commercials from Tide

As the commentator points out, Tide is not afraid to call babies blessings and miracles – even when they put a strain on our finances or our cleanliness. There are answers to the strains, and these answers never include death. Here’s the point – no matter the cost to our lives, babies always make our lives better. Immeasurably so.

Want to see a few more great commercials? Check out these seriously amazing ones from Wacoal (they will make you weep), this beautiful one from Huggies, and these two from Nissan and Pampers.

It’s inspiring to see these companies recognize the beauty of life, even – or perhaps especially – in its smallest and most helpless forms.

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