Former abortion worker: I saw the ‘bodies of little people’

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One of the reasons abortion facilities are able to commit so many atrocities against preborn children is that their actions are hidden. There are no observers in the back rooms, where abortion facility workers pore over the dismembered remains of aborted babies. The women having abortions are kept oblivious to  the details of what happens to their babies. They don’t see the bodies of their dead children. The public doesn’t normally see them, either. The killing takes place behind closed doors.

Every now and then, something happens to reveal the true horror of abortion, such as when aborted babies are found in the trash or undercover videos are taken inside abortion facilities. Then we get a glimpse of the true face of abortion. Another way the public can find out about abortion’s grisly reality is when former abortion workers come forward with their stories.

Paula Sutcliffe is one such worker. Sutcliffe wrote an article in the book Pro-Life Feminism: Different Voices. This is what she said about working in a late-term abortion facility:

I found much distress in the clinic, but it involved not only the women. I saw the pain of the babies who were born burned from the saline solution used for late-term abortions. I saw the bits of feet, bits of hands, the mangled heads and bodies of the little people. I saw pain and felt pain.

She refers to babies burned by saline solution. In the past, many late-term abortions were done by injecting a caustic saline solution into the amniotic fluid surrounding the preborn baby. The saline burned the baby’s body and killed him, and then labor was induced to expel the dead child. This technique was thought not to be used anymore because it leads to so many live births and is very dangerous to women – however, as reported today by Live Action News’ Cassy Fiano, a 2013 CDC report shows that saline abortions still happen.

Very late-term abortions are now done in a similar way. Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino illustrates how the heart drug digoxin is injected into third-trimester preborn children to kill them. The woman then goes through labor as with a saline abortion:

The use of digoxin instead of saline has not eliminated the risk to the mother; a woman named Jennifer Morbelli died a few years ago, along with her preborn daughter, after a botched abortion of this type at the hands of abortionist Dr. LeRoy Carhart.

Sutcliffe also talks about seeing the torn apart bodies of aborted children. Abortion facility workers today also see dismembered babies. Both first-trimester aspiration abortions and second-trimester D&E abortions result in babies being torn apart.  You can see pictures of some victims of these abortions here (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC).

Sutcliffe has no doubt that the aborted babies were “little people” and that they felt pain. An article in the American Medical News quotes a doctor who witnessed an abortion:

You can tell by the contours on their faces that that aborted fetuses feel pain, said obstetrician Matthew Bulfin, M.D…. He described a case of a 25 year-old woman administered a prostaglandin abortion, who expelled her fetus in the middle of the night. Before hospital nurses arrived, she witnessed “thrashing around and gruesome trauma on his face, and knew that the fetus had suffered.”

Perhaps Sutcliffe saw the same agonized expression on the babies killed in the facility where she worked.

Firsthand accounts from former abortion workers like Sutcliffe reveal the true horror of abortion. Since the mainstream media will not broadcast these testimonies, pro-lifers should share them through social media and other means. Hopefully, with so many abortion workers coming forward with their stories, more hearts and minds can be turned against abortion.

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