Eric Holder, longtime foe of pro-lifers, announces resignation

Attorney General Eric Holder has been facing calls to resign throughout his six year tenure with the Obama administration — and finally, he’s announcing that he will, in fact, step down.

Barack Obama has been the most pro-abortion president in this country’s history, and Eric Holder, as Obama’s right-hand man, has been right there with him every step of the way.

Under Holder, the Department of Justice unsuccessfully attempted to bully and intimidate a pro-life sidewalk counselor into silence. So ridiculous was the case against the sidewalk counselor that the judge publicly wondered why Holder even tried to prosecute.

He has turned a blind eye to Planned Parenthood’s many crimes, including defrauding Medicaid and covering up sexual abuse and sex trafficking of children. Of course, Planned Parenthood also contacted him personally pretending that they wanted the cover-ups of sex trafficking investigated…while leaving out at least one state where this was discovered, and also begging Holder to pretty please condemn Live Action for their undercover investigations which are kind of embarrassing to Planned Parenthood. Eric Holder never did get around to investigating Planned Parenthood for their numerous crimes. Holder also conveniently pretended the Born Alive Infant Protection Act doesn’t exist, and that abortionists never, ever kill babies that survive abortion. (Here’s a hint: they do.) His wife and sister-in-law also own a building where abortions are performed, a fact that he failed to disclose.

Needless to say, pro-lifers will not miss Eric Holder.

Unfortunately, Obama is likely to nominate someone who is just as willing to cover up the crimes of the abortion industry as Holder was — unless more pro-life politicians are voted into office in November, and can block the appointment of another pro-abortion extremist into office as attorney general. Otherwise, it will be business as usual, with an Eric Holder clone continuing to look the other way for the abortion industry, while using the power of the government to target pro-lifers.

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