Drag queens, whores and Planned Parenthood

As we watch Planned Parenthood crumble into the dust, being happily broken, crippled and defunded from every side, we have every right to rejoice in our swift-arriving victory. But credit must be given where credit is due. The real driving force behind Planned Parenthood’s demise is, of course, Planned Parenthood.

They are in the habit of doing Very Stupid Things, and all the time. These range from the disgusting — covering up statutory rape, accepting money for the specific destruction of black children — to the laughable — trying to convince the world that crisis pregnancy centers are the problem, and releasing such brilliant, thoughtful media as this:

It’s an organizational suicide, and of the most bizarre sort.

This was all illustrated for by Planned Parenthood’s Young Leaders fundraiser – Bingolicious – a Bingo night which involved drag queens calling the numbers…and calling out the attendees as “cheatin-ass whores.” It’s not that I have anything in particular to say about the event. It’d be ridiculous to feign offense at such social ineptness. But it does illustrate the obvious: Planned Parenthood is utterly out of touch with American society.

The culture they offer ‘their youth’ is apparent. It is not a subtle indoctrination, nor creeping suggestion; it is obvious, boring stupidity. They offer to my generation ‘safe’ sex, abortion, and a ridiculous pageantry of sexual liberation. My generation being the pro-life generation, it seems we have spoken our response.

Why? Because we are worth more than what the culture of death offers us. We are worth a true understanding of gender, the full glory of sex, the awesomeness of relationships. We, the young, desire the truth. All Planned Parenthood can offer is falsehoods dressed in the cloth of ‘sexual freedom’. Dressed in drag, actually.

Let us all hope Planned Parenthood remain as idiotic as they’ve been, and that their funding continues to plummet.

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