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WATCH: Doctor explains what abortion pill reversal really is, and why it’s safe

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Dr. Bill Lile, an obstetrician and gynecologist licensed in Alabama and Florida, has helped reverse medication abortions and has had a lot of people asking him lately if abortion reversal is actually real. He took time to explain via video that while it is impossible to reverse a completed surgical abortion, it is possible to reverse a medical abortion – also known as the abortion pill.

“It’s the fastest-growing form of abortion, and depending on the state it can be 25, it can even be up to 50 percent of the reported abortions are being done with a medication called RU-486,” he explained in the video. He goes on to say that RU-486 is a hormone blocker that blocks a hormone called progesterone (“pro-gestation”) which is released when a woman becomes pregnant. It helps to sustain the preborn child.

“Then RU-486 is given and the body is sitting there going, ‘I thought we were pregnant, but I don’t see any more progesterone so we must not be pregnant, and if we’re not pregnant, then there’s no reason to support a pregnancy,'” he said.

When a woman takes the first of the two abortion pills, her body no longer believes itself to be pregnant because RU-486 is blocking that life-sustaining progesterone. Without the support of progesterone, the baby will not be supported and will die.

“So can we reverse it? Yeah, we sure can,” said Lile.



“And it’s not some sort of a voodoo wild thing,” Dr. Lile says. “We use a hormone called Prometrium that is micronized progesterone. Well, it’s not something that, ‘Whoa, I wonder if this will work.’ We use Prometrium all the time. Not only do we use it when it comes to regulating a woman’s cycle who hasn’t had a cycle in a while, but we use it to support a pregnancy to give progesterone…. When do we use that? There’s something called a luteal phase defect where a woman maybe has a history of recurrent miscarriages and we check progesterone levels and they’re low. What’s the normal thing if a level is low? Well, we supplement it. And we actually give this hormone Prometrium – micronized progesterone – to patients so that they can maintain a pregnancy that might otherwise be lost.”

Progesterone is also used to prevent preterm labor up until 36 weeks gestation and to support preborn children created using IVF.

Yet the abortion industry is lying to women, claiming that abortion pill reversal using this same micronized progesterone may be unsafe.

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“It’s a routine medication. So when somebody’s been given this medicine RU-486 and then they have second thoughts and they say, ‘I really didn’t want to do that. What was I thinking?’ Just like if somebody overdosed on narcotics. That wasn’t their goal. The goal was not to overdose on narcotics. But they took too much narcotics. It was a bad decision. So they show up in our ER. What does our ER do? Our ER will give them Narcan. Narcan is a very effective reversal agent when somebody’s been given too much narcotic. Well, when somebody’s been given RU-486 and then they decide this was not a good decision. Well just like we give Narcan to reverse a bad decision, we can give Prometrium to reverse a bad decision. And we’ve been very successful around the country with reversal protocols,” explained Lile.

Here are the basics about the abortion pill:


Sooner is better than later when taking Prometrium to reverse the effects of the abortion pill. There is no evidence, said Lile, of any problems with the babies who survive. Doctors have been using it for years as a standard of care for helping women sustain pregnancies. Studies show that the abortion drugs don’t cause birth defects in children who survive, though the abortion industry is attempting to claim otherwise.

“It’s amazing science,” Lile said of abortion pill reversal. “And it’s amazing that we can offer this kind of therapy for somebody who says, ‘I made a bad decision and is there anything I can do to reverse it?'”

Over 750 babies are said to have been saved by Abortion Pill Reversal and a study regarding the protocol showed that it is not only safe but effective, with a 68 percent success rate. Lile believes abortion reversal using Prometrium is going to expand as more women learn of the option and as the abortion pill continues to become the abortion method of choice for abortionists.

Editor’s Note: If you have taken the first of the two-dose abortion pill and regret it, visit abortionpillreversal.com or call their 24-hour helpline at 877-558-0333.

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