Disgust: TV station falsely reports that target of bomb throwing was Planned Parenthood, not pro-lifers

Just this morning, I wrote an article about a petrol bomb that was thrown into a group of pro-lifers praying outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Austin, Texas. According to a press release written by Central Texas Coalition for Life, the bomb was thrown and landed amongst the pro-lifers, with them as the intended target. One pro-lifer was able to stamp out the flames.  The pro-lifers gave the license plate number to police, and the woman has been apprehended.

In the article, I wondered about how the media would respond to the incident:

Violent actions by pro-abortion activists are often not covered by the mainstream media. There have been cases of assault, threats with weapons, and even murders of pro-life activists in the past. Typically, these events receive little media attention and the general public never learns of them.

Well, now we know.

Today at 4:06 pm KVUE ABC, a local news outlet ran the story with the following headline:

‘Police: Women threw Molotov Cocktail at Planned Parenthood’

Yes, that’s right. The victim of the attack has been changed. Rather than identifying the pro-lifers as the target of the attack, the media are painting the story as an attack on Planned Parenthood. It is implied by the headline that the bomb was thrown at Planned Parenthood, probably by an anti-abortion activist. The incident has been completely misrepresented.

Anyone skimming through the news and seeing that headline would automatically assume the article was about an unprovoked, violent bombing by a pro-lifer; another assault on an abortion clinic by violent right to life fanatics- a complete distortion of what actually happened.

The article offers no correction to the title’s dishonesty. It concedes that a pro-lifer praying outside the clinic disarmed the bomb, but says nothing to indicate that the pro-lifers were the target of the attack.

This type of media bias and distortion is not a new thing, but it is another example of how media spin abortion stories to support a pro-abortion agenda.

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