Dear pro-abortion media: We will not resolve to accept abortion in 2016 shared a short video on Facebook of their top 10 resolutions for Americans in 2016. While voting is a great resolution, and so is living with less fear, one resolution this video definitely gets wrong is its plea for people to accept abortion.

AJ+ producer Francesca Fiorentini tells us we should all accept abortion because “It’s been around for hundreds of years, and it’s not going away.”

We don’t have to ponder this statement too deeply to realize that it’s useless. It’s actually one of the weakest arguments for legal abortion in the history of time. Since when has something’s length of existence been the determining factor in whether or not it was good, worthwhile, or ethical? What else was around or has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years?

Lack of the right for women to vote. Inequality in the workforce. Child labor. Domestic violence. Racism. Rape. Slavery. Child abuse. Murder. Genocide.

I think we can stop right there. Just because abortion has been around doesn’t make it acceptable. As advancements in science and technology allow us to understand more about the creation of human life inside the womb, we know more than we ever did before. We know that preborn human beings are not blobs of tissue. They are not simply products of conception. They are human beings – and many of us would argue that this quality alone makes them worthy of rights and worthy of being called people. When we know better, we make better decisions – and that includes the decision to outlaw abortion in the near future.

Fiorentini goes on to claim that “the more Planned Parenthoods there are, the less abortions there are. ‘Cause that’s how sexual health works.”

Let’s think about that. Planned Parenthood promotes sex for children as young as ten years old. Is this because they are trying to help a bunch of sexually active fourth graders have ‘safer’ sex, or is it because that’s how they grow their client base? Planned Parenthood’s “get ‘em while they’re young mentality” leads to children, the most impressionable people, being taught that Planned Parenthood is the one to trust, not their parents. Planned Parenthood gives kids permission to engage in age-inappropriate activities, of which they are too young to understand the consequences. It provides them with birth control they are too young to use properly, and then provides them with abortions that will likely haunt them for the rest of their lives.

If there were no Planned Parenthoods, there could actually be fewer abortions, because most health centers don’t go into elementary schools to teach young children how to have sex. Having Planned Parenthood in schools is like sending the Keebler Elves in to teach kids about healthy eating. The so-called facts and statistics they present are going to be skewed in the organization’s favor. Planned Parenthood influences children and teens, teaching them to have sex when they really aren’t ready – because if teens aren’t having sex, then Planned Parenthood doesn’t have as many customers. If there were no Planned Parenthoods, there would be a better chance that teens would be talking to doctors and other adults who actually care about them, and who teach them how to respect themselves and make healthy choices.

Planned Parenthood has a history of covering up sex trafficking, child sexual abuse and rape for their clientele in order to make money off of abortion. I don’t think we need to accept that either.

Fiorentini and AJ+, we will not be accepting abortion in 2016 (or ever). You can produce all the cute, shareable videos you want, but pro-lifers aren’t going anywhere, and we’ve resolved to make 2016 the most successful year yet in gaining the right to life for preborn children everywhere.

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