Dear President Obama, Let’s “save some” together… don’t veto the bill to defund Planned Parenthood

Dear President Obama,

You and I don’t always see eye to eye. And yet, when I watched your incredibly moving speech on saving the lives of children, I saw your pain. I believe it’s real because I’ve felt that pain, too.

You said, “Every time I think about those kids, it gets me mad.” When I think about dead kids – kids who had their whole lives ahead of them if they’d just been given the chance to live – I get mad, too.

I get mad when defenseless little first graders are shot. My niece will go to a new school next year, as a first grader. And I grew up in Colorado during Columbine.

But, Mr. President, I also get mad when other defenseless children are killed. Children like him:

video-fetus-672x369Children like her:

6 weeks, EHD.orgI get mad when children like these ones aren’t seen as the valuable human beings they are; when they aren’t given the chance to live an incredible lifetime, full of beautiful potential.

Mr. President, I’m angry with you.

I’m also not convinced a bullet is the only violent weapon that kills our children in this nation. There are other weapons that look pretty scary to me – regardless of the fact that it’s often a doctor who uses them to rip tiny boys and girls to pieces, or to suction them out until their spine collapses.

Abortion-Instruments, tools of the tradeWould a bullet make it any worse? Would it make abortion less acceptable? I believe its the killing of innocent children that’s unacceptable, not only the weapons that are used.

Abortion should horrify us just as much as this does.

Mr. President, you are right that “all of us need to demand a Congress brave enough to stand up” to lies. And right now, at this moment in history – a moment you stand guard over – we have a Congress brave enough. This Congress has stood up to the lies of the abortion lobby.


They’ve declared, based on the evidence, the statistics, the science, and the facts, that Planned Parenthood is a corrupt organization. Planned Parenthood is an organization that preys upon vulnerable women, lies to and deceives women, refuses to rescue minor girls out of abusive situations – despite the law, harvests the body parts of babies they just aborted, aborts babies after they could survive on their own outside the womb, kills babies who dare to survive abortions, and is continually reducing healthcare services while increasing its pricey abortions.

Our Congress has listened to Planned Parenthood’s president. They’ve seen the more than 13,000 real health care organizations out there – organizations that provide care to low-income women and their families without aborting their children. And our Congress has bravely declared that these are the health care organizations that deserve our hard-earned taxpayer money, not Planned Parenthood.

MAPSo please, Mr. President, in your own words, “Join with us to demand something better.” Planned Parenthood is not best for women. It’s not best for children. And it’s not best for our nation.

Join with the large percentage of Americans who cry out for an end to the corruption we see in Planned Parenthood, and an end to the slaughter of our children.

A recent nationwide poll asked Americans if they wanted to defund Planned Parenthood and redirect Planned Parenthood’s funding to other women’s health clinics. 53.3% said yes, including 42.7% of Democrats. Only 31.5% of Americans were opposed to this idea. So you see, Mr. President, what Congress has passed is popular with the people.

I hope you consider what Erika Bachiochi, a feminist attorney who authored “Embodied Equality: Debunking Equality Arguments for Abortion Rights” for the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, wrote:

As a one-time abortion rights supporter, I well know the temptation to see the right to abortion as a representation of women’s equality. …

Abortion expects nothing more of men, nothing more of medicine, and nothing more of society at large. Abortion betrays women by having us believe that we must become like men — that is, not pregnant — to achieve parity with them, professionally, socially, educationally. And if we are poor, overwhelmed or abandoned by the child’s father, or if medical expenses would be too great for us or for our child, social “responsibility” requires us to rid ourselves of our own offspring. …

When we belittle the developing child in the womb, a scientific reality that most pro-choice advocates have come to admit, we belittle and distort that child’s mother. We make her out to be one with property rights over her developing unborn child (much as husbands once had property rights over their wives).

We give her the inhumane (but for 42 years, constitutionally protected) right to decide the fate of another human being, of a vulnerable child — her child — to whom she properly owes an affirmative duty of care. We do all this rather than offering her the myriad familial and social supports she needs, whatever her situation, and cherishing her role in the miracle of human life.

As you so correctly said, Mr. President: “We know we can’t stop every act of violence, every act of evil in the world, but maybe we can try to stop one act of evil, one act of violence.

We maybe can’t save everybody, but we can save some.”

Together, Mr. President, let’s save some. Please do your part by withholding your veto on the legislation to defund Planned Parenthood. Please sign it, because you are right: Americans do want fewer dead children. And this starts with our children at the start of their lives – in the womb.

Annabelle, at 8 weeks, 5 days old. Her mother shared her beautiful story and photos here, illustrating the absolute humanity of all preborn children.

Annabelle, at 8 weeks, 5 days old. Her mother shared her beautiful story and photos here.

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