Connecticut governor says he would give state money to Planned Parenthood if Congress defunds

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If Planned Parenthood is successfully defunded as Speaker Paul Ryan has vowed it will be, Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy says he will propose that his state’s taxpayers make up the difference.

The exact amount of money Malloy is aiming to give Planned Parenthood should they lose federal funding is unclear, however Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, which has locations in Connecticut and Rhode Island, currently receives over $5 million in funding annually.

As reported by Russell Blair for the Hartford Courant, this proposal from Malloy “comes at time when the state is staring down a projected budget deficit of $1.7 billion and many popular programs are on the chopping block.”

Still, says the Courant, Malloy found it necessary to state in one of his budget bills that “any family planning clinic” that becomes ineligible to receive “federal matching funds or if federal law restricts the rights of a medical assistance recipient to obtain services from a family planning clinic, services that are otherwise covered by the medical assistance program may be funded by the state.”

Meg Green, a Malloy spokesperson, told the Hartford Courant, “Planned Parenthood saves lives and those who seek to defund them should be ashamed of themselves.”

In reality, Planned Parenthood is in the business of killing, not saving lives. They perform less than 1 percent of the nation’s PAP tests, less than 2 percent of breast exams, and zero mammograms in the United States, but over 34 percent of the nation’s abortions. In fact, 94 percent of the services they provide to pregnant women are abortions.

“Planned Parenthood does not save lives. Planned Parenthood takes lives,” Peter Wolfgang, executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut told the Hartford Courant. “President Trump has brilliantly called the bluff of every supporter of Planned Parenthood, including our state government. He has said that he will fund Planned Parenthood if only they get out of the abortion business. In doing so, he has made it clear, that every statement of support for Planned Parenthood… is about abortion.”

But their love of abortion isn’t the only reason Planned Parenthood deserves to be defunded. They have been caught breaking the law numerous times, illegally changing abortion procedures in order to harvest and sell baby body parts and illegally committing banned abortion procedures. They have covered up child sexual abuse and rape, even paying out a large, secret settlement to a 13-year-old girl’s mother after failing to report the girl’s rape and sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather, who brought her to Planned Parenthood for an abortion. In addition, Planned Parenthood has also committed millions of dollars in taxpayer fraud.

If and when Planned Parenthood is finally defunded, there are 13,000 comprehensive health care providers in the United States (compared to fewer than 700 Planned Parenthood clinics) which specifically work with low-income women and families. These clinics serve eight times as many people as Planned Parenthood. The money that no longer goes to Planned Parenthood will go to these federally qualified health centers.

There are better ways for Governor Malloy to use Connecticut taxpayer dollars to help low-income women receive health care without giving hard-working state citizens’ money to an organization that faces lawsuits and investigations for illegal activity while building an empire on the blood of innocent children.

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