As Congress debates Planned Parenthood funding, new videos reveal abortion chain refusing to help pregnant women wanting to carry babies to term

Abortion giant’s own numbers confirm it pushes abortions over care for pregnant women

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 14, 2017) – Planned Parenthood is in the fight of its corporate life to save its half billion dollars in taxpayer funding, claiming it needs the money to deliver “vital reproductive health care.” But Live Action has discovered that Planned Parenthood refuses to use those “reproductive health care” tax dollars to help the people who need them the most: pregnant women who choose to carry their babies to term.

Live Action released two videos today showing the abortion chain turning away women who want to keep their babies and pushing the only thing it knows how to sell: abortions.

When Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards stated on national television, “Some women also come to us because they have an unintended pregnancy, and they need to make a decision, and we counsel them on all their options,” Live Action’s investigative team put her words to the test.

In the first video (, Live Action investigators went undercover to reveal Planned Parenthood centers turning away pregnant women who sought prenatal care and adoption help. Planned Parenthood would only offer them abortions.

In the second video (, former Storm Lake, IA, Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer said that Planned Parenthood’s so-called “options counseling” for pregnant women involves pushing them toward abortion. “If that’s the one service you offer, that’s the service you are going to try to sell,” Thayer said.

 The videos vividly illustrate what was found in Planned Parenthood’s recently released 2015-16 annual report: its 328,348 abortions in 2015 vastly outnumbered its 9,419 prenatal services and 2,889 adoption referrals. The chain aborted nearly 114 children for every one baby it referred out for adoption in 2015.

Abortions at Planned Parenthood also increased in 2015 (328,348 in 2015 vs. 323,999 in 2014), despite the Guttmacher Institute reporting that abortions are declining nationwide.

 “Repeatedly, our investigators went to Planned Parenthood asking for pregnancy support, and repeatedly, they were told that they could only get abortions,” said Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action. “Prenatal care and adoption referrals are virtually nonexistent while abortion numbers continue to rise, making it clear that Planned Parenthood’s focus – and its push – is abortion. You can’t get those kinds of numbers without constantly promoting abortion.

“It’s unconscionable that taxpayers are forced to fund an abortion business. But it’s also alarming that we’re giving over half a billion dollars a year to a business we’re told provides reproductive health care but that refuses to use that money to help women who choose to carry their babies to term. Planned Parenthood’s anti-woman, anti-child agenda make it unworthy of a single dime of taxpayer funding.

 “Congress shouldn’t wait any longer to put legislation on the president’s desk to redirect funding away from Planned Parenthood to local health centers that actually provide legitimate primary and prenatal care to women and their families,” Rose said.

 Note: Some footage was previously released in Live Action’s “The Prenatal Care Deception” video in January. Additionally, the statistics at the end of the videos reflect Planned Parenthood’s 2014-15 annual report, not the 2015-16 annual report that was released two weeks ago.

 Excerpts from the undercover video:

 Woman (Live Action investigator): “What kind of services do you offer for pregnant women?”

Planned Parenthood (St. Paul, MN): “Pregnant women who want to continue with the pregnancy?”

Woman: “Yes.”

Planned Parenthood: “Um, we don’t offer services.”


Woman (Live Action investigator): “I thought you helped with adoptions.”

Planned Parenthood (Flagstaff, AZ): “No, we do abortions.”


 Planned Parenthood (Winston-Salem, NC): “Termination… that’s the only service that we do.”


 Woman (Live Action investigator): “There’s no pregnancy support, like, in general?”

Planned Parenthood (Brooklyn Park, MN): “We only offer, um, like pregnancy tests and then abortion care, if that’s what you wanted to go with.”

 About the Abortion Corporation video series

 Live Action is investing $500,000 in a digital ad campaign to show millions of Americans that Planned Parenthood is an abortion-first enterprise, not a women’s health care provider. The videos in the “Abortion Corporation” series have received a combined 95 million views on social media since the first video launched on Jan. 24.

 Prior videos in the series documenting the lack of authentic women’s health care include “The Prenatal Care Deception,”Abortion Quotas,” “Ultrasounds for Killing, Not Care at Planned Parenthood,”  “Managers reveal Planned Parenthood is not real health care” and “Pro-abortion politicians misleading women about Planned Parenthood.”

 About Lila Rose and Live Action

Lila Rose is the president and founder of Live Action. Over the last decade, she has been responsible for undercover investigations that exposed Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry providing sex-selective abortions, covering up the sexual abuse of minors and child sex trafficking, accepting racially motivated donations, disseminating medical misinformation, and participating in other abuses of women and children. Live Action has one of the largest grassroots bases in the pro-life movement and reaches 15-25 million people online every month.

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