Comedian's shock tweet reveals unintended truth about abortion

Comedian’s shock tweet reveals unintended truth about abortion

abortion takes a human life

Los Angeles comedian Marcella Arguello made some waves (as she likely intended) with a tweet that got some disgusted reactions on social media. But in her quest for shock value, Arguello also revealed a truth: that abortion takes the life of an actual human being — a “someone.”

She wrote on Twitter, “I hate when people tell me to have a kid because I look good holding a baby. B*tch I look good doing everything because I. Look. Good. In fact you should see me have an abortion – I am BREATHTAKING. Literally I am taking someone’s breath. It’s beautiful.”

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Marcella Arguello


Arguello is correct in that abortion is “literally taking someone’s breath.” But it’s not beautiful:


And when people see it (or, as in the case of the video above, a representation of it) — even people who consider themselves pro-choice — it affects them in profound ways.


While it’s likely that Arguello made her remarks to garner attention on social media — part of her comedy routine is talking about how she never wants children — it’s always interesting when the remarks of abortion supporters reveal things they don’t quite intend. Recently, abortionist Leah Torres quipped on Twitter that God “performs more abortions than I do,” equating the unintentional loss of a child through miscarriage to the intentional killing of a child through abortion.  And last year, when an abortion supporter roundhouse kicked a pro-life woman who explained that she believed all children — even those conceived in rape — deserve a right to life, abortion supporters on social media cheered his violent and unprovoked actions.

Social media can reveal a lot of things about people that we didn’t quite expect, and individuals who say outrageous things in support of killing preborn children are among some of the most unexpected.

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