When choosing life seems hard, pro-lifers want to help

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There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?

If you’re like me, then the answers is, “No, not really.” While Star Wars: The Force Awakens has opened to much enthusiasm, I can’t say I’m gripped by it. Katherine Timpf isn’t either: in November, the media personality said she had no “interest in watching space nerds poke each other” since she’s “too busy liking cool things and being attractive.”

To me, this was a little harsh; I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, but I’m not going to mock those who are. Or at least I thought it was harsh, anyway. That changed when some of Timpf’s critics put the term into perspective: one wanted to “cut that blonde c***’s face off,” while others hoped she would get raped, hit by a car, doused with acid, or beaten to death.

Of course, Ms. Timpf isn’t the only one to experience this sort of hate. Anyone who’s spent much time discussing abortion will know that children are often the targets of it:

don't care about unwanted brat

So are women who reject abortion:

Women who reject abortion

How should one respond? Well, sometimes a direct answer is best. This time, however, I’m going to ignore the haters and address the targets of their wrath. Because while some of our opponents are happy to call them names like “stupid bitch” and “whore,” pro-lifers have a different agenda for new moms.

We want to help.

A surprise baby can present some real challenges, but the folks at OptionLine don’t want you to face them alone. OptionLine.org is a website featuring bilingual information along with representatives you can chat with. And if you’re not online, you can still access its services by texting the word “HELPLINE” to 313131.

Those services include helping you find a pregnancy care center. Pregnancy care centers are places where expectant women can go when they’re in vulnerable circumstances. One of the largest center networks is called Care-Net. Across the country, its local affiliates provide women with free pregnancy tests, pregnancy information, and material resources. Some locations also offer consultations with licensed medical professionals, ultrasounds for pregnancy confirmation, and testing for sexually transmitted infections. Finally, center staff can talk about your choices.

For some women, adoption is the choice that suits them best. And while there’s currently a shortage of adoptable infants in America, there’s no shortage of aspiring parents. Many seek what’s known as an “open adoption,” an arrangement in which the birth mom is known to the parents and may play a role in the child’s life. One place you can meet them is Adoption.com. It’s a site where couples who’ve been approved by a licensed adoption agency can create an online profile, complete with pictures, contact info, and a personal bio explaining what they have to offer.

Pro-lifers want to help at the legislative level as well. That includes telling Congress to redirect over half a billion dollars in taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood (America’s largest abortion chain) to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) instead. Unlike Planned Parenthood, FQHCs haven’t helped sexual abusers hide their crimes with cover-up abortions. What have they done? Well, last year, FQHCs furnished women with more than five hundred thousand mammograms. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood performed zero.

You can can add your voice to that effort by signing Live Action’s petition. It’s available here, along with more proof of Planned Parenthood’s wrongdoing. And if you or someone you know needs to find an FQHC, then visit GetYourCare.org. The site is sponsored by a number of pro-life groups and it’ll provide a map detailing the nearest location.

Sadly, rejecting abortion can bring undeserved hate. Pro-lifers can’t change that, but there is something we can do.

We can offer a hand instead.

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