California Planned Parenthood stands to make $1M yearly from aborted baby parts sales

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The Center for Medical Progress recently released a report on Advanced Bioscience Resources, the fetal organ procurement company referred for criminal investigation which is also contracted with the federal government to supply “fresh” aborted baby body parts for experiments involving humanized mice. The report noted, in part, that ABR “has played middle-man for tens of millions of dollars in transactions over freshly aborted baby body parts since its founding in 1989. ABR’s yearly revenues are about $1.1 to $1.5 million, all from the sale of freshly aborted fetal organs and tissues.”

Videos filmed with an ABR executive detail the seller’s gruesome work. ABR harvests organs — and whole bodies — of aborted babies, who are often from four to six months old. In the video below, the executive describes how some babies just “fall out” after the abortionist dilates the mother — but before the baby has been killed.

These babies are likely born alive. Does ABR harvest their organs before or after they die outside the womb? Does ABR or the abortion facility staff actively kill them after birth, or are they set aside on or countertop or in a bucket to die alone?

Federal Government Continues to Buy Body Parts From ABR

Questions like these remain unanswered, but even though the United States Department of Justice has announced they are investigating ABR and its partner locations at Planned Parenthood, the facts show that the federal government continues to purchase baby body parts from ABR. CMP reports:

In a recent study funded by multiple NIH [National Institute of Health] grants, published June 2018 in the Journal of Neuroscience, scientists transplanted human brain cells from aborted fetuses into baby lab mice. For the experiment, “Fetal brain tissue samples, between 17 and 22 weeks of gestational age, were obtained from Advanced Bioscience Resources”. In another study funded by multiple NIH grants, published October 2013 in PLoS ONE, UC Berkeley scientists obtained “normal fetal eyes” at “24 week gestation” from ABR. The study notes the eyeballs “were collected from elective abortions,” and, “All fetal eyes were harvested within minutes of death.”

Eyeballs Sold for $340 Each

CMP’s report documents, through actual invoices obtained from ABR, that the body parts seller goes beyond federal law and charges premium prices. Not content to charge for shipping, packaging, and the like, ABR is truly trafficking in human body parts. In fact, CMP reports that ABR charges buyers “double” if their procurement technicians are able to harvest two eyeballs from a single child. Single eyeballs from a 13-24-week-old baby are generally billed at $340. This is on top of the “cleaning,” “snap freezing,” delivery, and other charges.

CMP’s report further details how ABR has been caught trying to force public university researchers (funded with taxpayer dollars) to pay thousands of dollars for failed body part harvesting attempts. ABR barely tries to cover for the fact that they charge far above their actual costs in baby body harvesting. Trafficking and profiting off the sales of human body parts is illegal.

California Planned Parenthood Stands to Make $1 Million Annually From ABR’s Body-Selling Business

CMP reports that Planned Parenthood is heavily implicated in ABR’s unlawful activities in two ways: first, by allowing ABR to practically run operations out of two late-term abortion facilities run by Planned Parenthood and, second, by contracting with ABR to earn revenue off of baby body parts:

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest… is a large and wealthy Planned Parenthood affiliate doing business in southern California. PPPS performs nearly 17,000 abortions every year and operates two main surgical abortion offices, one in downtown San Diego and one in Riverside. The San Diego and Riverside clinics both advertise abortions up to 6 months (24 weeks) for any reason. …

In Section 4 [of the contract], ABR promises to pay Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest “sixty dollars ($60.00)” for “each POC [product of conception, defined in the contract as ‘any fetal organ]’ provided to ABR.”

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ABR and Planned Parenthood reportedly agreed to this contract in 2010, and have given no indication of cancelling. CMP explains that, if each abortion committed at the two sites gave ABR a single fetal organ (and many abortions are documented to result in the harvesting of multiple organs — including skin, brain tissue, livers, lungs, and eyeballs), Planned Parenthood would bring in nearly one million in revenue annually. The contract additionally provides that, for specific, special body parts used in research, Planned Parenthood will be paid $1,000 per piece by ABR. Even if the harvesting attempt failed, Planned Parenthood would receive $500 simply for allowing ABR to try to harvest.

NOTE: The facts in this article come from research and investigations conducted by The Center for Medical Progress and the Senate Judiciary Committee Majority Report. To examine the facts, see the documents, and watch the videos referenced in this article, visit The Center for Medical Progress’ full report.

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