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Planned Parenthood forced to remove corporate donor list amid scandal and complaints

Three major corporations are distancing themselves from Planned Parenthood after the release of two undercover videos. The videos have blown open the abortion industry, showing Planned Parenthood executives admitting that the abortion giant profits from the sale of aborted fetal organs and tissue.

Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Co., and Xerox all say, that despite being listed by Planned Parenthood as corporate donors, they do not have an affiliation with the organization.

After the fetal body parts scandal broke, The Daily Signal published a list of 41 companies that Planned Parenthood had declared as corporate donors. The Daily Signal called each of those companies to inquire about their donations to Planned Parenthood, and many of the companies said that Planned Parenthood’s list was inaccurate and that they do not donate corporate funds to the abortion provider.

Coca-Cola told The Daily Signal that they do not donate and won’t match employee gifts to Planned Parenthood. Ford Motor Co. and Xerox also denied a relationship with the organization. Each company also told The Daily Signal that they would be contacting, or had already contacted, Planned Parenthood to ask the organization to remove their names from the list and website.

“We are making sure that Ford Motor Company is not listed as a Planned Parenthood contributor on their website,” a representative from the company told The Daily Signal.

Xerox stated that they searched through 20 years of files and found no record of the company ever donating to Planned Parenthood.

So did Planned Parenthood pad their corporate donor list to boost their image?

As a result of these three corporations stepping forward and standing up to Planned Parenthood, the organization has now removed their entire corporate donor list from their website. As more information begins to surface, and the truth about Planned Parenthood’s real motivations of lining executive’s pockets come to light, more companies just may follow their lead.

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