Woman bled 40 days from abortion pill: It was 'like the scene of a murder'

Woman bled 40 days from abortion pill: It was ‘like the scene of a murder’

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Malta remains a strongly pro-life country with numerous laws recognizing the right to life of preborn babies. As is common for other countries that protect the preborn, there is growing pressure from outside countries to legalize elective abortion in Malta.

An article for the BBC highlighting efforts to introduce legal abortion in Malta unintentionally reveals the dangers of abortion for women. The article includes the story of a woman identified only as “Roberta” to protect her identity. She is a Maltese woman in her 30s who traveled to the United Kingdom to undergo an abortion. Roberta took the abortion pill while in the UK. Describing the experience, she says, “The abortion hit on the train, after I left the clinic. I literally thought I was bleeding to death. I passed out from the pain on the train, alone.”

Her horrific ordeal did not end there. She continued, “When I got off the train and to my hotel, I thought I was dying. I thought something had gone wrong.” She was violently ill and recalls, “The hotel room looked like the scene of a murder. Blood on everything, projectile vomiting. Again, I’m completely on my own.” Once she returned to Malta, Roberta continued to bleed for 40 days.

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Roberta is far from alone in her traumatizing experience using the abortion pill. It’s worth noting that this medication abortion was apparently administered by a legal abortion facility in the UK.

Currently, the abortion industry is pushing for “self-managed,” medically unsupervised medication abortions. The abortion industry claims that medication abortions are safe for women, yet there is no data to verify this. In the United States only half of states have reporting requirements for complications resulting from an abortion, and many women like Roberta do not return to the abortionist when they experience complications. What Roberta experienced was frightening, especially given such a large and (for her) unexpected amount of bleeding.

The abortion industry chooses not to inform women about the life and development of their preborn sons and daughters. Now, the fact that this same industry is pushing for “DIY” medication abortions should give women pause when considering whether the industry that profits from abortion will be honest about the dangers it poses for mothers.

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