Blackburn demands StemExpress CEO stop stonewalling baby parts investigation

Blackburn demands StemExpress CEO stop stonewalling baby parts investigation

Last Thursday, Rep. Marsha Blackburn sent a letter to StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer (pictured above), calling on her to turn over documents related to her company’s involvement in Planned Parenthood’s fetal organ harvesting activities.

“Over the last several months, we have made numerous attempts to acquire business and accounting documents from StemExpress that are necessary to complete our work at the Select Investigative Panel,” Blackburn wrote. “All of these requests have been met with verbal and written objections from your attorneys.”

The letter explains that despite Dyer’s claim to have already “provided over 2000 pages of material,” she has still not provided StemExpress’s banking records, a forensic accounting review of its financial records, or unredacted business documents.

Also included in the letter is a record of investigators’ four-month attempt to get StemExpress to cooperate, including a legal explanation of why StemExpress’s legal objections to the subpoena were found to be “invalid and without legal merit.”


Blackburn gave Dyer until May 12 to comply with the latest request, after which she threatens to pursue “all means necessary to compel compliance.”

Dyer herself appears on the Center for Medical Progress undercover videos, discussing the procurement of “intact” aborted fetuses. She gives details about shipping whole baby heads and how lab techs have “meltdowns” when they open the boxes.

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