Big Abortion is one of Hillary Clinton's biggest donors

Big Abortion is one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors

Last Thursday, Planned Parenthood announced its endorsement of Hillary Clinton. The move marked the first presidential primary endorsement the abortion giant has ever made – but not everyone was happy with the endorsement, including some of Planned Parenthood’s own supporters.

This first of its kind endorsement has certainly gotten the media’s attention, with talk of the past, present, and future implications. Yahoo! News published a piece from AFP titled, “Planned Parenthood endorses Hillary Clinton in funding boon.” The abortion giant’s advocacy organizations plan to spend $20 million to elect her as President.

The $20 million plan is hardly surprising, as Hillary and Planned Parenthood have a long and involved relationship.

Hillary has often defended abortion, including late-term abortion that is unpopular with the American public. She has also defended Planned Parenthood by name again and again. Over the summer, Politico discussed the interwoven web that is the Hillary/PP relationship in “Hillary Clinton’s Planned Parenthood Ties Run Deep,” even stating: “Planned Parenthood’s problem was Clinton’s problem, too.”

The relationship goes back far beyond this election cycle. Open Secrets shows Planned Parenthood donated to Hillary’s Senate campaign way back in 2000, to the tune of $8,000.  The recipients are listed alphabetically rather than amount received. Of the 19 candidates Planned Parenthood donated to that year, Hillary received a higher sum than 12 other candidates who each received $5,000 or less.



The money continued to increase, as Open Secrets reports Planned Parenthood donated just under $28,000 to Clinton’s campaign during the 2008 primary season, (second only to President Barack Obama).

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In 2009, Clinton was the recipient of PP’s “highest honor,” the Margaret Sanger Award.

Nevertheless, the 2016 election cycle will also be worth paying attention to, and not just because the election is 10 months from this Friday.

Back in July, the Washington Free Beacon reported that Hillary Clinton has received more than $22,000 from Planned Parenthood employees during the first quarter – 20 times more money than all the other Democratic candidates running at the time.

Back in September, Live Action News reported on a list of the “25 politicians who received the most money from Planned Parenthood,” which shows Hillary Clinton at #3 on the list – following Barack Obama and former Rep. Timothy Bishop (D-NY), who lost his seat in the 2014 election to pro-life Republican Lee Zeldin.

Screenshot of TheBlaze.

Screenshot from The Blaze.

Open Secrets reveals yet more telling results about the abortion industry’s support for Hillary Clinton. EMILY’s List – whose mission is to elect pro-abortion candidates – is second only to Morgan & Morgan when it comes to Clinton’s biggest contributors.



During the 2008 election, EMILY’s List was actually Hillary’s largest contributor.



Clearly, money from the abortion industry has been flowing in to Hillary over the years and is unlikely to stop, especially following Planned Parenthood’s official endorsement.

Open Secrets has a category for Abortion Policy/Pro-Abortion Rights. This includes a breakdown of the groups giving the most which fit into that category. Not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood is at the top of the list and dominates the contributions – and the group’s contributions show that solely “Democrats” and “Liberal Groups” are the recipients of Planned Parenthood’s money.



The page also shows top recipients of funds from pro-abortion groups, and allows readers to view a more complete list of 20 politicians. Hillary Clinton dominates that list, raking in over $83,000 already for the 2016 election.



NARAL has also endorsed Hillary Clinton, and the National Organization for Women (NOW) sent out a press release regarding their support for Women for Hillary.

Planned Parenthood and the rest of Big Abortion have already gotten comfortable with the two-term presidency of Barack Obama, the nation’s most pro-abortion President thus far. It seems like they are likewise very comfortable with the idea of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

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