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Baby Willow, so tiny she only fit in doll clothes, shows abortion isn’t medically necessary

At 30 weeks pregnant, Florence Hunter’s blood pressure became dangerously high, as did her preborn baby’s blood pressure. Doctors knew they had to act quickly to save not just Hunter’s life, but the life of her preborn baby girl Willow.

“My blood was racing inside, my mind was going a hundred miles an hour, and I was thinking a hundred different scenarios in my head,” Hunter told 14 News.

“The doctor said [the baby] needed to be delivered now, or mom and Willow’s lives could be in danger,” added Randall Littlepage, baby Willow’s father. “[…] It wasn’t even, I swear, five minutes later I heard my baby cry.”

It takes just minutes for doctors to perform an emergency C-section to save both mother and child — a fact that flies in the face of the abortion industry’s claim that abortion is necessary to save women’s lives. An abortion at 30 weeks would take three to four days compared to the minutes it took to deliver baby Willow via C-section.

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Willow was born weighing just two pounds and two ounces. Since those frightening moments surrounding her birth, Willow has been doing well and has grown to over three pounds. “We weren’t expecting her to come out as early as she did, but ever since she came out she’s been a straight fighter,” said Littlepage.

The day after her birth, Willow did not require a ventilator or oxygen supplementation. However, she is so tiny, her parents struggled to find clothes that fit her until they came across some doll clothes.

“We just had to try them on and they just were too cute; they fit just perfect,” said Hunter. “We took pictures and the nurses went nuts, the internet went nuts — she just looked too cute.”

Doctors are working to help Willow get stronger so that she can go home with her parents by her original due date of February 19, if not sooner.

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