Ambulance transports hemorrhaging woman from California Planned Parenthood without lights or sirens

Ambulance transports hemorrhaging woman from California Planned Parenthood without lights or sirens

Planned Parenthood

On March 6th, a patient of Planned Parenthood in Riverside, California, began hemorrhaging after an abortion procedure and was taken to the hospital by ambulance, reports Operation Rescue. The patient was apparently not alone at the facility, and was followed by a man and a young child (possibly her husband and son) as she was loaded into an ambulance.

Footage of the tragedy was captured by a group praying outside the facility for the 40 Days for Life vigil. The 911 dispatch call was obtained by Operation Rescue:


Two fire units arrived along with the ambulance to the aid the hemorrhaging woman. Although the patient’s condition was severe enough to warrant emergency medical attention, the ambulance did not have sirens turned on as it left the facility. This practice is unfortunately common when an ambulance travels to or from an abortion facility, so as not to draw negative attention to their business. However, in the case of an emergency such as hemorrhaging, in which every second counts, this practice clearly puts the desires of the abortion business over the safety of the woman. According to Operation Rescue, the Riverside Planned Parenthood of California was responsible for a patient’s death back in 2007.

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Edrica Goode, 21, went to the center on January 31, 2007, to begin a second-trimester surgical abortion. True to routine abortion practice, seaweed sticks (laminaria) were inserted in order to dilate her cervix overnight for the abortion to take place the next day. At the time, however, Goode was dealing with a vaginal infection which can, if improperly treated, spread to the rest of the person’s body. This would have been known by the medical staff at the abortion facility and should have been an indicator to either wait to carry out the abortion until the infection had cleared up, or to attempt a different abortion method.


Unfortunately, the staff exhibited negligence by failing to address the infection and also by failing to effectively alert Goode in a timely manner that she needed to return to the facility to have the sticks removed and the abortion completed. According to the Los Angeles Times, Planned Parenthood in Riverside had sent two letters notifying Goode, but Goode’s mother claims they never received those letters. She poses that a more aggressive contact method should have been used to alert her daughter. Sadly, after losing mental coherence, miscarrying, and suffering the effects of toxic shock syndrome, Goode died on February 14, 2007.

In the legal case following Goode’s death, Vince Hall, director of communications for Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside counties, said he could not comment on the lawsuit taking place, but did claim that the “health and safety of our patients is our highest priority.” Yet, the actions taken by Planned Parenthood in emergency abortion cases do not align with this claim. The negligence found in Goode’s case and the cases of countless others still plays out in abortion facilities across the United States.

Women deserve better. Children deserve better.

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