Abortion center delays ambulance for 33-week patient with complications

Warren Hern, after tiller, late-term abortion

An 18-year-old was apparently suffering from pre-eclampsia when she went in for a third trimester abortion at the Boulder Abortion Clinic, home of notorious late-term abortionist Warren Hern, which may possibly have contributed to serious complications. It is believed her symptoms occurred towards the beginning of her abortion appointment. Records obtained by Operation Rescue reveal some of the details of a 911 call after the late-term abortion went horribly wrong.

When the emergency occurred, instead of calling 911, the facility bypassed those protocols and called American Medical Response directly instead, which can lengthen wait times, and whose calls aren’t subject to public records laws like 911 calls are. Use of 911 emergency response is the quickest way to obtain emergency help. According to Operation Rescue, American Medical Response instead contacted 911 dispatch to let them know they had sent an ambulance to an emergent situation, and the teen was picked up and transported to Boulder Community Hospital with lights, sirens, and Fire Department backup, due to the urgency of the situation.

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Pre-eclampsia is a serious complication involving high blood pressure, which can lead to seizures, organ failure, and death if not treated swiftly and appropriately. Immediate delivery is sometimes indicated as a way of treating the condition in a mother. Frequently, when a mother begins to show serious signs of pre-eclampsia, such as elevated blood pressure, blurred vision, headaches, and shortness of breath, she and her baby are very closely monitored in case it becomes necessary to immediately deliver via c-section.

An abortion committed at 33 weeks is a multi-day procedure. According to the abortion facility’s website, abortions committed after 26 weeks takes around four days. The almost full-term, viable baby must first be killed with an injection of digoxin, and then the woman’s cervix must be forcibly dilated. Labor is induced, and the baby is delivered dead a few days later.

When treating pre-eclampsia, a medical emergency, time is of the essence. Any delay increases risk of serious complication.


“Abortions done this late on teens tend to be for reasons other than fetal anomaly. We have evidence that teens seek late-term abortions because of denial, fear of others finding out, or even not wanting to miss out on a special event,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue.

The Boulder Abortion Clinic is one of six abortion facilities in the United States that advertise and commit abortions up to and including the third trimester of pregnancy. Hern, who was featured in the late-term abortion documentary “After Tiller,” has botched abortions before, with one case resulting in sterility. He also has referred to human beings as a “malignant ecotumour”, and claims that committing late-term abortions is not difficult for him, saying he believes preborn babies — no matter how developed — are nothing more than “fertilized eggs” and thereby, late-term abortion poses no ethical dilemma to him.

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