Abortion activists fight against abortion reversal laws that would give women basic info

Abortion reversal is a new medical advancement that gives hope to women who regret their choice to have a medication abortion. Arkansas and South Dakota have passed laws requiring women to be informed that this is an option, and multiple new states are also considering implementing similar laws. Naturally, this has sent pro-abortion activists into a tailspin, all of whom are furious that women might have the chance to reverse their abortion and keep their baby.

Currently, Indiana is debating HB 1128, which would require abortionists to tell women they could possibly reverse their medication abortions. Self Magazine slammed the bill, interviewing multiple pro-abortion medical professionals who dismissed abortion reversal and even said it could be dangerous. The Chicago Tribune cited “experts” who said the science behind abortion reversal is “flawed”. But perhaps the most inflammatory response came from Bustle, which ran a feature on what an abortionist’s opinion on abortion reversal laws is.

Written by Lea Rose Emery, the article features insight from Dr. Daniel Grossman, an abortionist. If it wasn’t clear how Emery feels about the issue, she refers to the possibility of being able to reverse an abortion as “traumatic”. She also continues on blasting the notion of there being scientific proof behind it, even though her abortionist didn’t dismiss that it was possible.

“It’s not a completely insane idea,” Grossman admitted. “Mifepristone blocks the progesterone receptor, so it may be possible to overcome the effect of the drug by flooding the body with progesterone. But there are several reasons why it may not work, including the fact that mifepristone bonds more tightly to the receptor than progesterone does.”

Amy Mendoza’s son was saved by abortion reversal.

Emery also complains that the abortion reversal is “untested”, and claims that women almost never regret their abortions. But if they don’t know that abortion reversal is an option, then how would their regret, or desire to stop the abortion process, ever be known? Abortionists certainly aren’t about to freely volunteer the information, which is why this kind of legislation is needed. And while Emery isn’t likely to admit it, there is evidence that abortion reversal works. She just has to be willing to look for it.

Dr. Karen Poehailos is a board-certified family physician who has begun offering abortion reversal and spoke to Live Action news about the process. One of the claims that Grossman, the abortionist, made was that too much progesterone could be toxic for women. But Poehailos shut that idea down.

“There is no such thing as progesterone toxicity or progesterone overdose,” she said. “The body normally makes it anyway, and yes, we’re making the level very high for a few days while we’re doing it, but there are no documented cases of there being any kind of problem so far.”

She also explained how the process of abortion reversal works.

“What we’re doing is giving a lot of progesterone to compete with the progesterone receptors in the uterus. We try to send in more progesterone in so it out-competes the mifepristone. The patient I worked with had very good levels of progesterone to begin with, so that worked in her favor,” Poehailos explained. “The first ultrasound showed an area of hemorrhage inside the placenta, and she did have some bleeding, but the ultrasound showed the baby was alive. Over the next couple of shots through the next couple of days, that area disappeared. The progesterone was able to counteract the mifepristone and allow the placenta to heal itself. I think if we hadn’t given her that… well, she may not have completed the abortion on her own, but she was bleeding and the placenta was breaking down, and we saw it on the ultrasound. It wasn’t medical theater; it was reality.”

In addition to Poehailos’ experience with abortion reversal, Live Action News has covered the stories of multiple women who have successfully reversed their abortions. Dr. George Delgado, who pioneered the medically proven treatment, said his team of doctors have a 60% success rate with reversing abortions

Rebekah Chaveste and her son, Zechariah who was saved by abortion reversal.

So what is the real issue here? Why is it that abortion activists are so against women learning that this is an option? They describe themselves as “pro-choice”, so this would be yet another choice for women to make — it should be a good thing for them. But ultimately, it’s not about women being able to make their own choices for the abortion lobby; it’s about forwarding and promoting abortion at all costs. If it was about choice, then they would be cheering on this incredible medical advancement.

As Poehailos has said, all this boils down to is more information for women.

“It’s just information. It’s neutral,” she explained. “It says if you do this and you change your mind, here’s a way to help. It’s not saying you’re evil if you have an abortion, but that if you change your mind, here’s a number you can call. That’s informed consent, in my opinion. I don’t think it should be politically charged. It’s just information.”

Is the abortion industry really that threatened by a little information?

Editor’s Note: If you’ve begun an abortion and are regretting your decision, the 24-hour, nurse-staffed hotline (877-558-0333) at Abortion Pill Reversal may be able to give you information on reversing your abortion. If you are making a decision about abortion, see Clinic Quotes10 Reasons Not to Have an Abortion, Abortion Procedures, and What to Do if Your Boyfriend (or Anyone) is Pressuring You to Have an Abortion. You can also check out Stand Up Girl and Option Line or Pregnancy Line to find local resources, help, and trained people to talk to in your area. Men involved in a pregnancy situation can check out Abortion and Men and Abortion Exploits Women.

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