Planned Parenthood abortionists do their own research on the babies they abort

One of the most stunning revelations coming out of the latest Planned Parenthood video – released yesterday by the Center for Medical Progress – is the lack of care and contempt women are treated with at Planned Parenthood.

As masters of deceit, Planned Parenthood has previously been caught blatantly lying to women about the development and scientific humanity of their preborn children. They have been discovered lying to women about the risks of abortion. And, they have been caught publicly lying on Facebook, stating that Planned Parenthood’s largest “research” center in the nation (inside their Houston abortion mega center) doesn’t even participate in research.

The fifth video has also revealed a terribly concerning – and illegal – conflict of interest between Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast abortionists and the women who come to them. This conflict of interest deceives women, puts them in physical danger, and may even cause their babies to be born alive and killed after birth.

In this article, I detail how it is federally illegal for Planned Parenthood to alter abortion procedures to harvest fetal organs and tissue. I also discuss how it is a violation of HHS regulations for the abortionist to know that any particular baby he is aborting will be “donated” to research. The abortion is supposed to be completely independent from the “donation.”

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast couldn’t be violating these laws and regulations in a more egregious fashion.

After buyers ask if it would be possible to get intact babies, Melissa Farrell, Director of Research at PPGC explains:

PP: Right. And that’s something we’ll have to discuss with our doctors and see how they could do it. Because some of our doctors have projects and they’re collecting the specimens, so they do it in a way they can get the best specimens. So I know it can happen —

Buyer: The doctors were doing research?
PP: Yeah, mhm.
Stop just a minute, right there.

First, there’s the horrific fact that some of these babies are being purposely delivered intact, very possibly born alive, due to the fact that feticide is not used. This is a blatant violation of the Infant Born Alive Protection Act. Previous testimony documents babies like this being drowned in buckets of water, beaten with tongs, or having their necks broken after birth.

But secondly, there’s the in-your-face conflict of interest. Farrell admitted that the abortionists at PPGC conduct their own research and deliver babies intact – specifically for their research. The doctor is specifically performing the abortion differently on the woman so that the doctor himself can have the type of research “specimen” he wants.

Abortion procedure is changed – a violation of federal law. The abortionist specifically knows that he is going to conduct research on this baby – another violation of federal regulation. And, some of these babies are delivered intact, and possibly alive – an absolute violation of federal law.

Additionally, the women has almost certainly not given her fully informed consent for this. I challenge Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast to release a form where women sign anything remotely similar to this:

“I consent to my abortion procedure being modified in ____ way so that the doctor performing my abortion can conduct his own research on the fetus. I acknowledge that the doctor will be performing the abortion in a way that may cause the fetus to be delivered intact and possibly alive.”

No, according to the Planned Parenthood form we can reference – from Planned Parenthood Mar Monte – this is what women consent to:

I agree to give my blood and/or the tissue from the abortion as a gift to be used for education, research, or treatment.
I understand I have no control over who will get the donated blood and/or tissue or what it will be used for.

If this wasn’t so horrifyingly sick, it would be laughable. What woman would actually agree to donating her intact baby? Of course, Planned Parenthood has to refer to the baby as “tissue from the abortion” in order to get consent.

And while the woman has “no control” over “who will get the donated tissue,” the very doctor performing her abortion has all the control in the world. He is being “gifted” the “tissue.” He is being paid by the woman to collect his own tissue for his own experiments.

If this admission by Planned Parenthood doesn’t set up a lawsuit for women who have had abortions at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast clinics, I don’t know what will.

This is quite possibly the most blatant intentional misrepresentation, perpetration of fraud, and purposeful conflict of interest case I have ever seen.

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