Lila Rose Energizes Pro-Life Youth at Values Voter Summit

Lila Rose with a young pro-lifer (photo credit: Aaron Wong)

Last Friday, October 7, Lila Rose addressed a crowd of over 200 high school and college students about the importance of taking a stand to defend unborn children during the Student Mixer at the Values Voter Summit.  Thousands attended the annual event held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC, and a good number of the attendees were students that represented high schools and colleges from across the country.  The mixer was held so students could network and find ways to use their talents and passions in the pro-life cause.

Ms. Rose then answered questions from the crowd regarding how high school students can get more involved with Live Action, the legality of her undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood and their involvement in underage sex slavery, and how to address others when discussing abortion, all of which she answered eloquently.  After the program, Ms. Rose stayed to personally speak with many of the young people who displayed an excitement to become more active in what they stand for.

2 thoughts on “Lila Rose Energizes Pro-Life Youth at Values Voter Summit

  1. I met Lila Rose, and she seemed like a very nice and very articulate young lady. However I saw her roll her eyes (when she thought no one was looking) at a group of kids who wanted to go up to her. I was surprised, but I guess she was just having a busy/bad day or something. Oh well, I guess it just shows no one is perfect 🙂 


  2. There is no young woman more courageous, more adamant in a genuine human life issue (as opposed to joining the pro-abort bandwagon because it fits right in with the youth-smut society we are subjected to), more dignified and more impressive than Lila Rose. Most young females today are ALL ABOUT SLUT AND SMUT on music videos, movies, tv, magazines, etc. These females are sickening, and that trend is coming to an end thanks to youth with integrity like Lila Rose and LiveAction.   


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