Planned Parenthood Uses New Technology to Take Advantage of College Students

Planned Parenthood thinks everyone wants them in their personal sex lives.

Planned Parenthood is the best deceiver of young people since the evil queen tempted Snow White with that poisoned apple. They have already been successful at reeling in young people with empty promises of carefree, no consequence sex. Now they want students to tell them when, where, and with whom sex is happening at the exact moment it occurs.

Everywhere you look these days, products and advertisements feature QR codes, which can be scanned with smartphones to visit a web site, get a coupon, or learn more information. Now a QR code has been featured on the wrappers of 55,000 condoms handed out to college students by Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest.

When the codes are scanned, users can check in with Planned Parenthood–and the rest of the world–with information including their age, their location, why they use condoms, the status of their relationship or lack of a relationship, and whether or not they had sex in a bed or a kitchen, at a beach or a party. Plus, they can rate the sex from “Things can only improve from here” to “Ah-maz-ing”. But they don’t even need a smartphone or a condom. They can just head to and tell the world about the sex they just had – which the world can tweet about if they wish. 

Planned Parenthood says the codes were created to help promote safe sex, but states that despite using a condom, half of us will get an STD at some point in our lives. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, latex condoms only provide limited protection against syphilis and herpes simplex virus-2 transmission. Planned Parenthood also says that condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy, leaving out the fact that according to the American Pregnancy Association, 14-15 of every 100 condom users face an unplanned pregnancy each year due to incorrect or inconsistent use. That’s an effectiveness rate of only 85%.

Planned Parenthood has worked hard to turn sex into a game by taking advantage of the impulsiveness and poor decision making of young people, and this is just another step in their attempt to misguide the youth of our society and benefit financially off their regrets. Now that Planned Parenthood has erroneously convinced our youth of the supposed safety of “safe sex”, they are persuading students to report back about the once private act so Planned Parenthood can use the personal information as a marketing tool.

Planned Parenthood says they aren’t encouraging youth to have sex, but at the same exact time, they are providing a map that seems to cry out, “Look, everyone else is doing it!” So between convincing teens it’s safe and popular, and handing out free condoms only to earn back the money in abortions (it’s 51% of their income no matter what they say), Planned Parenthood is really an evil marketing genius.  Planned Parenthood wants kids to think sex is no big deal. But we know it is.

“I didn’t want the responsibility, I wanted the sex. And so the easy way out was abortion. That’s what I thought. Just pay $300 and the problem goes away…. I thought if you just wanted to have sex just do it, what’s the big deal? I didn’t realize how important sex was – that people die from sex, that people are born from sex, that hearts are broken and kingdoms fall to the ground as the result of sexual immorality. I didn’t know any of that – all I knew was what I wanted.” -Former Broadway star and post-abortive father David MacDonald

Young people don’t think about consequences. It is up to the adults of the world to teach them proper behavior. But when those adults walk around handing out free condoms, it sends the message that we can just do whatever we want, and no one will suffer for it. The problem is, as adults, we know that’s a complete lie. Over 50 million babies in the U.S. have already paid with their lives. Planned Parenthood is quite obviously a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and they’ve proved it with this new attempt to make casual sex seem cool and worry-free.

13 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Uses New Technology to Take Advantage of College Students

  1. The last paragraph says it all. The older generation should be teaching the younger generation how to live good lives, not how to become irresponsible adults like themselves. 


  2. I find Planned Parenthood to be the most improper company ever! They speak of feminism when they are cruel to women. Condom’s don’t protect you from STD’s, and I definitely don’t want my kids to have STD’s when I’m a mother.


    1. You’re right, condoms aren’t 100 percent effective in preventing STDs. They are however, a heck of a lot better than going in unprotected. And let’s face it, no matter how many times you tell people to wait until they have sex, there will be a large portion that do. 


      1. LOL!  Obviously a typo, but I agree, there WILL be a portion of people who wait to have sex!  LOL!


  3. But the thing is, everyone DOES have sex. Teenagers; college students; the middle-agers and oldies who use this site. The point of Planned Parenthood is not to promote sex as a popular and safe thing, but rather to educate minors (and some adults) on how to do it as safely as possible. If a teenager chooses to not have sex until they’re married, that isn’t necessarily the correct choice- it is the personal choice that they made. If a teenager chooses to have sex, that doesn’t have to be the incorrect choice. Not talking about sex, and urging teens to wait until they’re married, does no good (except for the cranky oldster who’s not getting it anyway).


    1. If they’re not promoting sex, then why did they put the QR codes on the wrapper? Why did the QR code lead to a website where a person can tell about their sexual experience, and rate how good it was? It’s incredibly disgusting! Sex is a beautiful gift, and should not be exploited like that!

      Furthermore, teenagers might have sex, but that doesn’t make it okay. It’s called statutory rape, even when it occurs between two consenting teens of the same age – at least, it is in California. The law makes it clear: teenagers are not psychologically or emotionally mature enough to make such decisions. I remember people at my high school saying, “If they didn’t want us to have sex, why would they give us the condoms?” In other words, in the mind of a teenager, giving them the condoms is the same as giving them the okay to have sex.


    2. The oldies who use this site? Oh, puleez, I’m sixteen, and I know that the CORRECT choice is to wait until marriage because it saves you a lot of pain and heartbreak.  Don’t stereotype us, and go troll somewhere else.


      1. It also excludes you from gaining physical knowledge that you WILL use later in life. You only live once, and there’s no logical reason to not enjoy it to the fullest. I, personally, will go ahead and brag that I had sex young, and still don’t regret that decision. And your insinuation of my “incorrect” choice pains me, I promise. So go ahead and enjoy the holier-than-thou feeling you’ll get from waiting until you’re married. I’m sure that’s what will matter to you when you’re waiting for death. And as for being a troll… bite me, Bambi. A real troll would find you to be hilariously easy pickings 🙂


        1. I wonder, what would have happened had you waited? You would enjoy sex with your husband without any fear of STD’s. You would get to learn to have sex with your husband (something, as a red-blooded teen, I wonder about). You would never have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy.
          I wonder about sex as much as the next red-blooded promiscuous child with no thought of the future. I am very much a coward, and am more afraid of STD’s and babies I can’t provide for than I am of a bunch of clowns without control thinking I’m lame. I am lame, and proud of it. To paraphrase Mystique, “Virgin and proud.”


  4. Excuse me while I throw up. Seriously. All this by the SAME brand who says choosing birth control is a “PERSONAL decision that should only be discussed between a woman and her doctor” and that since it’s so PERSONAL no one has the right to interfere with the decision (unless that interference is paying for it). This encouragement to share sexual conquests goes back on EVERYTHING Planned Parenthood preached about “deeply personal choices.” If choosing contraception is a private and personal matter, why do you encourage my peers to trumpet their sexual activity and use of condoms? Right, because “Sex Happens.” No, it doesn’t just happen. This might just be the most insulting propaganda PP has out there.


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