Discover the Truth About Planned Parenthood: Lesson 3


If Planned Parenthood were to be defunded, would the Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) be able to handle the resulting influx of new patients?


Yes. The over $618 million of federal funding that Planned Parenthood receives (38% of its budget) would be redirected to expand and grow the thousands of FQHCs across the nation.

Under Obamacare, FQHCs currently receive about $5.7 billion federal dollars annually and serve over 22 million patients. Broken down, FQHCs spend $500 million to serve about 5.5 million patients, whereas Planned Parenthood received that amount to see less than 2.4 million low-income clients in 2014. Money redirected to FQHCs has the potential to serve twice as many clients as Planned Parenthood currently sees—for the same amount of money.

FQHCs offer an extended range of health care services in addition to all of those provided by Planned Parenthood, including x-rays, vision and dental care, prenatal care, and primary care for the entire family.


Watch this video interviewing two former Planned Parenthood managers who discuss the limited nature of the services for women in need.

And in this video, these same former managers discuss how care gave way to quotas as women were “herded” through the facilities “and treated like cattle.”

Something to think about

How do you think redirecting money from abortion to necessary and beneficial procedures, treatments, and education would change the face of women’s health care in America?

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