You Can Help Reach More Americans and Promote a Culture of Life

As you know, our presence and voice on social media is needed during a time when more and more Americans are turning to Twitter and Facebook for their news and information.

But this week, Twitter has started preventing Live Action from advertising content on their platform. That means that Live Action is being suppressed from educating and informing the public on the truth about abortion.

If Live Action is not being allowed to expose the lies the abortion industry continues to tell and show the humanity of the preborn, then millions of Americans will continue to only hear and believe one narrative.

Live Action’s presence and voice is effective. We know this, not only because of the millions of people following and engaging with our powerful content every day, but because we pose as a direct threat to the message the mainstream media wants people to hear – which is why they are preventing us from promoting it in the first place.

Right now, we must not let them suppress the facts and we must reach more people with the game-changing truth about abortion. We know that when people see the truth for themselves, opinions change.

To strengthen our efforts, and in light of these recent events, we have an aggressive and critical $40,000 goal we need to reach by June 30. That’s this Friday!

Would you consider helping Live Action change more hearts and minds about abortion and create a culture of life through a special gift today?

Time left to raise the $40,000 goal

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