You Can Help Build a Lasting Culture of Life

Every day, Live Action is making people think and feel about abortion like they never have before.

By revealing the barbaric truth about abortion and the humanity of preborn children, we are changing hearts and minds and shifting public opinion against abortion one person at a time. Only by first changing culture will we be able to see the day when abortion is unthinkable.

Live Action works to expose abortion and the abortion industry through our articles, videos, and other media content spread throughout the web. We are influencing more Americans to take a stand for the most vulnerable.

However, all of our efforts require substantial financial resources to reach more Americans who have yet to hear the pro-life message or be activated in the fight for life.

By next week, we need 300 new recurring monthly donors, or Life Defenders as we call them, to commit to supporting Live Action on an ongoing basis.

Our monthly donors are critical to the success of our mission and will help us to continue to reach more people with the message of life.

Will you become an ongoing monthly donor today? Ten dollars a month will have a life-saving impact and help us to continue our work in standing up to the mainstream media and defending the most vulnerable in the fight for life.

With your partnership, we will build a lasting culture of life where vulnerable preborn children are valued and protected – and abortion is unthinkable.

Become a Life Defender today!