Stop Planned Parenthood from exposing kids to sexually explicit material

Planned Parenthood is handing out x-rated content to 14-year-old kids. These pornographic cards were being handed out to kids in a Toronto school by Planned Parenthood volunteers as a form of “sexual education.” 

What did they “teach” kids about sex? That sex acts involving urine, defecation, and more were “normal” and “healthy.” These are actual photos of the cards being distributed to minors. 

Volunteers were advised that if a student reacts negatively to a sex act depicted, the volunteer should say, “A lot of people think that’s really hot!

You can’t afford to dismiss this as an isolated incident. Planned Parenthood is the largest “sex-ed” provider in the U.S., targeting more than 1.2 million kids annually. Advocates for Youth, one of their partner organizations, has infiltrated more than 100 school districts with their explicit curriculum and promises to expand nationwide.

Now is the time to take action and protect our children from these dangerous and irresponsible messages before more school districts fall prey to the lies of Planned Parenthood and its allies.

Take 30 seconds to say “NO!” to this attack on children by adding your name to our growing list of people who have had enough. Demand that schools stop using Planned Parenthood materials, resources, and content in the classroom. 

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