Facebook is actively censoring videos that expose the evils of child sex trafficking. Recently, Instagram (which is now owned by the tech giant) labeled posts by Live Action President Lila Rose showing how Planned Parenthood aids and abets child sex traffickers as  “false” or “partly false.”

The posts were flagged by biased, pro-abortion fact-checker, Politifact, which sided with Planned Parenthood and claimed that Live Action did not expose how the abortion giant aids child predators. The fact-checkers used Planned Parenthood itself as the primary source to refute Live Action’s content.

Instead of standing up for victims of sex trafficking, Facebook is allowing biased fact-checkers to censor and limit the reach of accounts, like Live Action, that share content exposing how the abortion industry supports traffickers.

We must stand against the blatant misinformation perpetuated by the media and Big Tech who want to silence and censor pro-life voices. 

Will you stand up for innocent children and demand Facebook stop censoring content on child sex trafficking? Add your name to the letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and make your voice heard! You can read the letter below:


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Letter to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,
I am writing to you to demand that Facebook and Instagram end their censorship of videos exposing the evils of child sex trafficking. 
Recently, Instagram (which is now owned by Facebook) censored videos that were shared by Live Action President Lila Rose that showed a Planned Parenthood employee helping pimps procure abortions for their underage sex workers.
Instead of calling out the entities that are complicit in the trafficking of minors, Facebook’s approved fact-checker, Politifact, came to the aid of Planned Parenthood by falsely “fact-checking” Live Action’s content as false!
To make matters worse, when anyone on Instagram tried to follow or tag Live Action or share a Live Action post, they were given “warning” popups claiming that Live Action have “repeatedly posted false information.” 
Contrary to these false claims, however, these videos are not misinformation. When the videos were released in 2011, Planned Parenthood fired the manager who was caught aiding and abetting sexual predators and even announced that they would retrain their entire staff. 
Facebook claims to be a platform that permits free speech and open discourse, but when it actively suppresses content that exposes the abortion industry’s role in human trafficking, they are complicit in perpetuating the abuse.
This must end. I demand that Big Tech companies actively work to protect innocent women and children. I demand Facebook end its blatant censorship of pro-life voices and utilize its massive network to stop the criminal enterprise of human trafficking.


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