STOP the forced taxpayer funding of abortion!

The United States House just passed a budget that does not include the Hyde Amendment, a longstanding bipartisan rider that prevents our hard-earned taxpayer dollars from funding most abortions.

We need to take action and urge our Senators to reject this budget and any funding bill that does not include protections for innocent preborn babies!

Since the Hyde Amendment’s inception 44 years ago, it has saved the lives of 60,000 preborn children every single year – over 2 million lives in all!

Until now, the amendment has enjoyed wide bipartisan support for decades. But Biden and Planned Parenthood are actively pushing to destroy this life-saving policy.

Repealing the Hyde Amendment is not about “access” to health care, or solving poverty, or ending racism – it’s about building the abortion industry’s power while they profit even more from the killing of preborn children.

Compelling American taxpayers to be directly complicit in the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent preborn babies every year is indefensible.

As pro-life Americans, we must stop this from happening – Take action today to urge your Senator to save the Hyde Amendment!


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