Abortion Clinic Questionable Acts

Miami Abortion Center Involved in Apparent Infanticide Gets Sued

Via LifeNews:

According to witnesses, a young woman went to GYN for an abortion. Police say the 18 year-old returned the next day complaining of severe stomach pains.

Abortion facility staff told her the abortion practitioner was not available and that she would have to wait. After being taken to a waiting area, the woman allegedly gave birth to the baby that she thought had been aborted the day before.

Abortion center owner Belkis Gonzalez, a woman with no medical background, delivered the African-American baby girl. An autopsy indicated that the baby’s lungs contained gas bubbles and floated, proving that Shanice was alive and breathing at birth.

Officials say an anonymous caller, who they believe is an employee at the abortion business, alerted them to the birth and the infanticide of the child afterwards. However, when police arrived at the abortion facility, the baby’s body was missing.

They came back a second time and found the dead baby in a biohazard bag. Detectives say abortion facility staff likely moved the baby’s body the first time to avoid detection.


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