Abortion Procedure

How is a Partial Birth Abortion Performed?

Via Associated Content:

The following account is of a nurse who has assisted a doctor in a D & X abortion. According to the nurse, the doctor took a tool similar to a pair of tongs and reached into the uterus to find one of the fetus’s  feet. Gently, he pulled the foot out of the uterus into the vaginal canal. The doctor, then, pulled the second foot down with his fingers. He continued to pull until everything but the head had been delivered. Here, the nurse paused to say “The fetus is literally four inches away from being birthed.” The nurse went on to explain that the doctor had to make sure he had a firm grip on the fetus. If the head were to slip out of the uterus, legally, the fetus is considered to be delivered and the doctor would be committing infanticide if he continued on with the procedure.

Carefully, the doctor took a pair of scissors and penetrated the back of the skull. At this point, the nurse wanted to make the point that the fetus was experiencing pain: “…the arms and legs stuck straight out.” With the scissors still in the back of the skull, the doctor opened the scissors to make a hole wide enough for a vacuum to remove the contents out of the skull. For most D & X procedures, the procedure is done after the skull is clear and the mother is cleaned up.


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