Pro-Life Op Eds

Honesty and Abortion by Sherif Girgis

Excerpt via The Daily Princetonian:

So the real debate is whether some human beings can justly be killed if others prefer it. If so, then you and your friends would have no intrinsic worth by the either/or fact of being what you are from conception to death: human beings. Your rights would depend instead on your having developed, to some arbitrary (hence unjustly exclusive) degree, some attribute that enough people with the power to kill you find interesting. Consistency would entail that anyone with less of that attribute be your expendable inferior and that the rights of those with more of it should trump your own rights. Equality would be a pious superstition.

If this is the correct position, then let’s abandon contradictory or irrelevant appeals to science, reproductive health and freedom and choice — and acknowledge the sweeping consequences of rejecting the central principle of democracy: human equality.


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