One million views & three years later… YouTube sensation Lia continues defense of the preborn

Several years ago, a young twelve year-old girl made headlines with this passionate YouTube video explaining the case for life to her teachers and fellow students for a school project.

A million views later, Lia’s video has continued to encourage other students to speak out for life and educate their peers about abortion. Lia inspires our team because she has continued to persevere in this fight for life, developing her gifts and talents to passionately speak on behalf of the unborn.
Now 15, she continues to post videos, like this recent one, proving the humanity and personhood of the unborn:

We applaud Lia for her courage and perseverance. We are in this battle for the long haul because we are not only working to abolish abortion, but to build a culture that fully respects the humanity, goodness and dignity of the human person. Let’s press on, there’s work to do.

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