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Your Daily Outrage: Everything That Comes Out of Scarlett Johansson’s Mouth

I don’t know if anything is grosser than when people use the problem of poverty to promote abortion.

Here’s gorgeous Hollywood wacko Scarlett Johannson this past September 6 at the Democratic National Convention:

I grew up in New York City with four siblings. My father barely made enough to get by. We moved every year, and we finally settled in a housing development for lower middle income families. We went to public schools and depended on programs for school transport and lunches, as did most of my friends. My girlfriends from high school to this day still depend on Planned Parenthood and often Medicaid for important health care services.

Thank God for Planned Parenthood, so the children of Johansson’s high school girlfriends won’t have to grow up poor with four siblings. They won’t have to grow up at all! Yay abortion!

Here’s more from ScarJo:

This last election, I finally got to punch those buttons for me, for real. I wore my “I voted” pin the whole day. It was my finest accessory. And this year, on November 6th, I’m filled with that same enthusiasm, that same pride, to press the button to reelect President Barack Obama!

I’m not really sure how to explain to Scarlett Johansson that it is better to institute sound economic policy so that people don’t have to rely on Medicaid than to just give big ups to Medicaid.

By her own admission, Johansson makes frequent use of STD testing services, although it’s hard to imagine her frequenting an ugly, dirty Planned Parenthood. (Do they have a clinic in Beverly Hills?)

I do think on some basic level we are animals, and by instinct we kind of breed accordingly. But as much as I believe that, I work really hard when I’m in a relationship to make it work in a monogamous way… I get tested for HIV twice a year. One has to be socially aware. It’s part of being a decent human, to be tested for STDs. It’s just disgusting behavior when people don’t. It’s so irresponsible.

So, to recap! Breeding like animals: not irresponsible. Failing to get tested for HIV twice a year even in a “monogamous” relationship: irresponsible.

Okay, on a not-abortion-related note, here’s what she said before her visit to our troops in Iraq:

I don’t know if I will sing for them. I’ll probably just take to the stage and ooze sex appeal and hang around. I’m so lucky that I have an opportunity to make some sort of difference.

No, don’t sing. Seriously, don’t put yourself out. Just hang around and ooze sex appeal. Because that will make a “difference.”

I am so not done transcribing stupid things this woman has said. Please don’t go yet. This is fun.

The most precious moment in life is when you’re about to fall in love. You’re lying in bed together and he’s gazing at you and you’re gazing at him and there’s a sense that something truly wondrous is about to happen. It’s a nervous moment – but it’s exhilarating.

Scarlett, “falling in love…” I don’t think it means what you think it means. That’s called “having sex.”

One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she is sexy.

Oof. Really? I think we’ve had enough.

I always say abortion doesn’t exist in a vacuum. This woman’s philosophy, if you can call it that, created a primordial stew of immorality and misinformation from which a pro-abortion attitude was destined to evolve. Planned Parenthood is your friend, love and sex are synonymous, monogamy is something to strive for but not necessarily doable, promiscuity is not irresponsible but lack of STD testing is, oozing sex appeal makes a difference, and oh how heartwarming and inspiring it is to be called “sexy.”

This woman was invited to the DNC, and young women actually listen – are encouraged to listen! – to what she has to say.

Young women, obsessed with being pretty and popular, are especially vulnerable to being seduced by the opinions of hot, famous actresses. To them I would say: Scarlett Johansson has to lie down at night, close her eyes, and be alone with her own conscience just like you. She may lie down on super-fluffy and expensive pillows, and with whatever Hollywood star she is married to or dating (Ryan Reynolds, Josh Hartnett…Sean Penn? Eww…) but my point is: fame is to love what drugs are to happiness. It’s not real, and it doesn’t make you a better, more fulfilled person, as you can figure out from the fact that so many rich and famous people end up miserable, suicidal, and addicted to drugs.

Acting intelligently and morally, educating yourself, behaving like a good human being…these things will not get you so much as a walk-on role on “Modern Family.” But they will take you a long way towards a happy and useful life.

Scarlett Johansson is a poster child for keeping a close eye on the media, and that we live in a time when even the chick who wears a catsuit in Iron Man 2 has a pro-abortion agenda she wants to bring into your home.

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