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Your Daily Awesome: Planned Parenthood Closes a Clinic in Texas!

Another clinic bites the dust! And abortion-lovers ain’t happy.

Awesome things are awesome. Here’s one:

Thanks to a cut in taxpayer funding, the Planned Parenthood abortion business has announced it will close one of its abortion clinics, that operates in Abilene, Texas.

Planned Parenthood of West Central Texas announced it is closing the Abilene clinic, which gives out the dangerous RU-486 abortion drug that has claimed the lives of dozens of women and injured thousands more, on November 9. Women will be sent to the nearby San Angelo Heath Center, which provides women with legitimate medical care and not abortions.

I just moved away from Texas – probably temporarily – because I got married to this guy and he lives in Mississippi and we have heard that living in the same state is good for marriages. But man. I miss Texas already. Texas is awesome. Because we’re all, “Hey, guess what, abortion! We’re not giving you any taxpayer money.” And abortion is all, “Whaaaa, I want money!” And we’re all, “Too bad, abortion. This is Texas. We believe in babies and the Constitution and stuff.”

Many state and national publications are joining abortion in crying about this, pretending to care about the “health” of women as funding is cut to more and more abortion clinics. From The Austin Chronicle:

In the end, [Fran] Hagerty [CEO of the Women’s Health & Family Planning Association of Texas] says she’s worried about what’s to come, in part because the women who have fallen off the roles are not likely to be getting care elsewhere. “They’re not going somewhere else – they didn’t all of a sudden find money to go to a private physician,” she said.

Fran, the point is that now, there’s more money to give to clinics that don’t provide abortions. Oops, I mean don’t provide “essential women’s health care.” And as more and more abortion clinics in Texas close, there will be more and more room and resources for real health care clinics to open.

(Friendly reminder: when you’re talking to abortion advocates, “essential women’s health care” always means “abortion and birth control.”)

Hey! Idea: let’s look up Fran Hagerty and the Women’s Health & Family Planning Association of Texas! I bet they have something dumb to say!

Family planning providers often find themselves at the center of controversy caused by opponents of accessible contraception, and medically accurate sex education. WHFPT teaches providers how to counter attacks from religious extremists and advocate for their services within their local communities. We have taught workshops on media, message training, combating the religious right, and other timely public topics.

Guess what, reader! If you are pro-life, you are the “religious right.” You may be an agnostic lesbian who believes in the human rights of the unborn, but you are still the “religious right.” If you believe that artificial contraception harms women, if you believe that moral clarity at home and abstinence-focused education are the key to healthy people and families, you are a “religious extremist,” no matter how sound and rational are your reasons for believing those things. You may as well put on a wimple and go around strangling pregnant teenagers with rosaries.

Speaking of pregnant teenagers, guess what WHFPT (which I will now, for the sake of time, refer to as Whiffpit) does not advocate for.

WHFPT strongly supports the involvement of parents and/or other trusted adults in the reproductive health care decisions of teens. However, the Association opposes any legislation, rule or regulation which would mandate parental involvement. Such legislation creates barriers to care and places teens, their health and their lives at risk.

If I’m understanding this correctly, Whiffpit wants parents involved in whether their teenage daughters get birth control prescriptions or abortions, but they don’t want it, like, super-hard. I mean, it’s cool and all, but not legislation cool.

If I were a parent of a teenage girl, guess who I would not want involved in the reproductive decisions of teenagers. Guess whose opinions about my teenage daughter’s health care would not interest me in the slightest. That’s right: Whiffpit.

“What about teenage girls who get raped by their fathers and neglected by their mothers and blah blah blah?” some abortion advocate is screaming at her computer. Well, to keep it simple, we help those girls. We train teachers and health care providers to recognize signs of abuse even when young women do not report it. What we don’t do is exclude all parents – most of whom are looking out for their children’s best interest – from life-altering decisions such as abortion and contraception.

The simple truth is that there will always be abusive parents – always. Everywhere. That’s life. But guess what comes in far greater numbers than abusive parents? Adolescents who are incapable of making huge decisions on their own. Parents who know what’s best for their children. Teenage girls who need guidance when it comes to birth control and abortion.

In any case, over the strong objections of Whiffpit, another clinic bites the dust. And that is cause for rejoicing, in Texas and everywhere.

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