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You can’t say you didn’t know: What a real abortion video looks like

Abortion. A word, a topic so debated in American culture and politics but often only in the abstract. What does an abortion actually look like? What does it actually do besides “end a pregnancy?” This following video from shows in clear terms an abortion and its aftermath. The majority of the human fetuses in the video are late 1st trimester in the 9th to 12th week of development. At these end there are two children who are older – about late 2nd trimester.

For those with questions about the authenticity of this footage, see the following signed documents from an abortionist and the photographer that took the vast majority of the content in this video. If you are considering abortion or need counseling either before or after an abortion, please consider these resources.

If you would like to embed this video on your site or an article, you can get the code here.

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