You can’t defend women’s rights and support aborting millions of preborn women

Today marks International Women’s Day, and some women are joining “A Day Without A Woman” to advocate for women’s rights and women’s equality. Sponsored by the same group that led the Women’s March in January, the rallying cry of the organization is for Americans to stand in solidarity “for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families.”

However, the “feminists” who take part in “A Day Without a Woman” are also the ones who refuse to defend the rights of millions of little women in the womb. The organizers of the Women’s March have made it very clear that their platform is pro-abortion, and individuals who support protections for the preborn are not allowed to participate.

Tragically, the Women’s March and the new feminism movement today — bred from the Sexual Revolution’s hijack of the women’s movement — are profoundly anti-woman. Groups like Planned Parenthood have made a profit from abortion because they claim that it is a constitutional right that will empower women to achieve their potential and their goals. Grievously, the abortion industry has marketed the killing of children — our future — as a social good that contributes to the advancement of women, perpetuating violent discrimination against women while they are their most vulnerable.

The United Nations estimates that over 100 million girls are missing in the world today. These were the victims of female gendercide — the systematic killing of baby girls because of their sex. Millions of tiny women have been violently killed through sex-selective abortions, simply because their lives were not considered as valuable. Other infant girls have been abandoned or left alone to die. Female gendercide is the real war on women, and it makes for a real “Day Without A Woman.”

In 2012, an undercover investigation by Live Action showed Planned Parenthood staffers offering sex-selective abortions, which is illegal in some countries, to women seeking to abort their baby girls. This disturbing and discriminatory trend is the very thing that feminists should decry.

So-called “feminists” sell the myth that is not the strength of a woman, her tenacity, her perseverance, or her intellect that allows her to achieve her dreams — it is abortion. Even sex-selective abortion, which clearly discriminates against women, is labeled as a mother’s personal decision. The lies of the abortion lobby fly in the face of true feminism, which is built upon the recognition of the equal rights of every women.

The suffragists who led the women’s rights movement were pro-life, and they recognized how abortion violates the dignity of women and ends the lives of their preborn children. Alice Paul called abortion “the ultimate exploitation of women,” while Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and others spoke strongly about how abortion harms mothers.

In “Tragedy – Social and Domestic,” Sarah F. Norton notes that feticide and abortion are symptoms of societal stigmas, and women seeking to end their children’s lives often do so because they feel crushed by the weight of bearing and raising children alone:

… Is there no remedy for this ante-natal child murder? Not any, is the reply to the question so frequently asked. Is there, then, no penalty for the crime? None I can be inflicted, for the crime has become an art, and society cannot punish those who serve it so skillfully and well.

Perhaps there will come a time when the man who wantonly kills a woman and her babe will be loathed and scorned as deeply as the woman is now loathed and scorned who becomes his dupe; when the sympathy of society will be with the victim rather than the victimizer; when an unmarried mother will not be despised because of her motherhood; when unchastity in men will be placed on an equality with unchastity in women, and when the right of the unborn to be born will not be denied or interfered with[.]

A woman’s decision to procure an abortion comes, at many times, from a place of desperation and hopelessness. However, the early feminists recognized that women’s empowerment comes through elevating human life and human dignity — not through the destruction of children.

The truth is, abortion does not empower women. It is a injustice that has killed millions of our women and created serious gender disparities that countries, like China and India, are seeking to resolve. The modern feminist movement should learn from the women of the past and defend equality for every human life — beginning with the preborn.

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