Women’s author Kathleen Meikle: ‘I was deceived by Planned Parenthood’

woman fired at Planned Parenthood for having cancer

Kathleen Meikle, editor of the book A River of Tears, which collected the stories of women who had abortions, wrote the following about her abortion at Planned Parenthood:

At Planned Parenthood there was no mention of options, only their reassurance that abortion was safe and sane. If I had been getting plastic surgery there would have been a discussion to ensure that I understood the impact. With my abortion, there was no discussion of the procedure or risks. I can’t help but wonder if some thoughtful disclosure might’ve caused me to change my mind….

I was deceived by Planned Parenthood, the women’s movement, our culture and by myself. Abortion is such an important decision because it cannot be reversed. It would seem, with an irreversible life and death decision, an organization that purports to support women would want us to have information on every option. If it’s really about choice, why not support an open exploration of the pros and cons of all the alternatives.

Meikle now deeply regrets her abortion. She put together River of Tears to show people how harmful the abortion industry is, and how abortion hurts women.

Source:  Kathleen Meikle A River of Tears (2017) 2 – 3, 8

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