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Women on Waves declares Ireland next abortion drone target

The Dutch pro-abortion group Women on Waves intends to send another “abortion drone” to Ireland, World Magazine reports.

As Live Action News has previously covered, last month the group remotely flew a drone from Germany to deliver potentially harmful RU-486 pills to women in Poland. Though elective abortion is illegal in the country, Women on Waves exploited the fact that its laws do not punish pregnant women themselves for the act, and used a drone that was small and short-range enough to bypass flight authorization.

Women on Waves declared the original event successful, though German police confiscated their remotes and iPads afterward. Authorities will attempt to press charges for violating the country’s medical laws, but the activists maintain their actions were perfectly legal, as they obtained a prescription for the pills.

Jula Gaweda of the Polish pro-abortion group Feminoteka hailed the drone campaign as “a symbolic operation designed to show that just a few kilometers can be a gulf in terms of respect for women’s rights, reproductive rights which are human rights.”

Women on Waves Founder Rebecca Gomperts has declared the campaign’s next target to be Ireland, which has an abortion ban even stricter than Poland’s. As Live Action News has recently covered, Ireland’s pro-life status is a frequent target of international pressure, drawing fire from the United Nations, as well as from domestic protestors.

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