Women reject abortion after seeing what happens after taking abortion pills

Women choose life after seeing what happens during a first trimester abortion procedure

Most women don’t know what happens when they take abortion pills. Many expect that by taking several pills, they’ll no longer be pregnant and life will return to normal. However, that is far from reality. Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino describes a first trimester medical abortion below.

The counselors at Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center see many women who are considering the abortion pill. The executive director of the center, Joy Pinto, was looking for a new way to share medically accurate information when she was referred to AbortionProcedures.com. The website, launched by Live Action, has videos that explain the most prevalent abortion procedures in the U.S. After Joy watched the videos, she knew they would have a tremendous impact on their clients. She brought two iPads to the center so that counselors could easily pull up the videos and show them to abortion-vulnerable women.

The results were immediate and powerful. Many women were shocked to learn what actually happens during an abortion, both to their own bodies and to their child. Many were horrified at the thought of having to deliver a dead baby alone after taking the pills. The body of a child shatters the lies of the abortion industry that there is no baby, only a “pregnancy” and “clump of cells” that is “terminated.”

Far from being empowering, a medical abortion can be traumatic for the mother since every “successful” procedure results in a dead baby.

Counselors at Her Choice continue to show the videos to their clients who are contemplating abortion. Pinot says one woman who saw the video was visibly shaken. She began to cry and admitted that she was being pressured into the abortion by her boyfriend. After learning about the procedure, she knew she could never go through with the abortion — she chose life for her child.

The videos aren’t just helping women considering abortion. The client advocates at Her Choice Birmingham have also discovered that post-abortive women find healing after watching the videos. The experience is difficult, but through it, they are able to grieve for the children they lost and come to terms with the reality of abortion.

Women deserve all the information they need to make an informed choice about their health and about their children. AbortionProcedures.com is making the information available to anyone who has access to the Internet.

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