Woman thankful Planned Parenthood that lied to her has closed

Woman thankful the Planned Parenthood that lied to her has closed

Cindy was reeling. She had just found out she was pregnant. She was going to have a baby—one that she did not plan on and didn’t feel ready to care for. She was desperate, scared, and alone.

Nearby was a Planned Parenthood that offered her a way out of the mess she found herself in. All she had to do, they said, was a take a few pills. These would result in a “natural miscarriage” that would free her from the burden of an unwanted child. Despite her Christian beliefs, Cindy was terrified of having a child and felt an abortion was the only way out.

But then something happened. Cindy says…

When I met the abortion doctor, I felt a terrible presence of evil in her office. I left after what they call ‘counseling’ (it wasn’t) with them thinking I would go back in 24 hours for the pills to end my baby’s life – he was 7 weeks 6 days to be exact. I asked about an ultrasound, and that abortion doctor lied to me saying the fetal tissue was like a grain of sand… when I already knew after lots of research what that baby looks like, and it was nothing like a grain of sand.

I went to my motel and cried and cried and begged God to help me. I got the Yellow Pages and started calling churches for help. Finally, a secretary at a church in Kimberly, Wisconsin, told me stop by. She prayed, listened, shared her own story of a 15-week abortion she had many years before, and how the damage was done and that she never got to be a mommy. She brought me to a pro-life crisis pregnancy center in which I saw 8-week-old and 12-week-old miscarried babies in jars. They were fully formed babies.

I sobbed at the thought that I could have gone back in 24 hours and taken those pills.

Samuel Isaiah

Samuel Isaiah

Cindy’s story didn’t end that day. A beautiful boy was born, whom she named Samuel Isaiah (pictured right). He is now 8½  years old. “It was an extremely difficult time through the pregnancy,” Cindy relates, “but it all worked out, and a precious child was born, who today is happy, healthy, and loved.”  

This week, Cindy has another reason to rejoice. On Sunday, October 25th, the abortion facility she visited all those years ago in Appleton, Wisconsin, has closed its doors. The reason? They can no longer find a doctor to perform abortions there.

When Cindy chose life eight years ago, it was a victory for life, and her beautiful son Samuel is a testament to that choice. Now, she, and the many faithful pro-lifers who prayed outside the Appleton abortion facility, can celebrate the fact that no more lives will be taken there.

Cindy’s words sum it up well: “I am thankful this place is closed.”

Sam Guzman is the Communications Director for Pro-Life Wisconsin.

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