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Woman says Planned Parenthood ‘misinformed and lied’ to her about the abortion pill

Planned Parenthood, Albuquerque, Lancaster

A woman named Nelle shared her experience taking the abortion pill on a website that’s currently offline, but which can be accessed here. Nelle starts off her story by saying she is pro-choice. She had a surgical abortion as a teenager and found herself pregnant again at age 21. She was six weeks pregnant when she went to Planned Parenthood for her second abortion, where she was convinced to take the abortion pill.

“The ENTIRE time I was there I was told LIES!  They said, ‘There are no real risks, this is like a period, light cramping, it’ll all be over within 2 days,'” she explained.

The Planned Parenthood facility gave her a packet of information but only went over the first page with her. They then gave her the two abortion drugs — mifepristone to kill the baby by depriving him or her of nutrients, and misoprostol, to cause her body to expel her baby’s dead body. They also gave her a prescription for tramadol, a powerful prescription painkiller. This seems to indicate that they knew she wouldn’t just experience “light cramping.”



When Nelle got home, after having taken the mifepristone, she read the packet they had given her. She said:

Of course, I had to read the packet they didn’t go over with me, and inside it said I might bleed for up to 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS! No one actually says that you BLEED FOR WEEKS! NO ONE!

That would have been great to know beforehand. I would have NEVER opted for this method if I knew that vital piece of information.

I had asked multiple nurses and they assured me it would all be clear within a few days!

At this point, Nelle knew she had been lied to. But she still wanted to abort her child, so she didn’t consider not taking the second drug, misoprostol.

The abortion process, however, was extremely painful:

Anyway, it hurt like crazy and I have never been more nauseated and in pain in my life. I was a sweaty, bloody, crying mess. The cramping was pretty bad for me but it was the fact of feeling the chunks fall out of you. I sat on the toilet and eventually put on a maxi pad and sat on the couch. It was about 3-4 hours of cramping until it came out.

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Nelle described seeing what sounds like the amniotic sac containing her embryonic baby, who at this point, would have had a beating heart. She wrote:

They chalk it up to be so “Natural” and “Easy” when this was in fact more “Painful” and “Traumatizing” than an in-clinic surgical abortion!

I truly believe Planned Parenthood tricks young girls into getting these type [sic] of abortions solely to keep them running… They assure you there is literally zero risk and that it is quick, private, and like a period. Which is all a lie!…

I was completely misinformed and lied to. I feel very manipulated.

Nelle doesn’t regret having the abortion, but she wishes she’d had a surgical abortion instead. Her testimony shows how painful and difficult the abortion pill can be, and how dishonest Planned Parenthood is with the women who trust them.

Editor’s Note: If you have just taken the abortion pill and regret your decision, there may be help available. Visit Abortion Pill Rescue for more information.

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