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I was conceived in rape, but I am infinitely grateful that my mom refused abortion

(Save the 1) My name is Rebeca Solórzano.  I come with a banner of light, which is life.

I was born in 1986. It isn’t frequent that a baby comes into this world under such adverse circumstances like my own:  I was born from a very ill mother who was unable to care for a child, and, even more difficult is that my birth resulted from rape. And, under such circumstances, I didn’t have a father to watch over me or a mother, since she couldn’t take care of me. Regardless, there are stories which seem like miracles, and I am a miracle.

I didn’t have a chance to live with my biological mother, but instead, two beings full of light came into my life, and they became my adoptive parents.

My father is a carpenter and my mother has worked in various trades. I grew up with them in a humble family.  My parents always fought for their little girl. They fought with patience and hard work, until I was able to fend for myself.  It wasn’t easy, but this gave me strength to face the challenges in my life and helped me to realize what I really wanted in life. I lived with this amazing family for 23 years. It’s been eight years since I found out about my origin, and today I share it with you.

There’s a voice inside me which knows that life is valuable without exception and I am infinitely grateful to live and to be the woman who I am today. This destiny has provided me with unique experiences, and I’ve learned from them.

When I studied, I had the opportunity to go on an exchange student program to Chile. There, I met people who were incredibly talented. Among them, I met the person who became my husband — a man with a great heart. Together, we’ve had three beautiful children, who grow and learn in giant steps.

Today, I give thanks for the large inheritance which, in life, my friends and family have left. This legacy is the certainty that success in life isn’t only achieved through being on the T.V. or being famous, like a lot of people think. Success is achieved through fighting hard and triumphing in each and every battle that you live, no matter how small it may appear. Loving and being grateful for the small details and the humility that, sometimes, we forget to have with others.

Day by day, I am aware of my origins and it helps me face life with courage. I want to transmit this to the generations to come  — from my children to the readers who for some providential reason are reading this: life is the biggest gift we can have, and the decisions we make in it will define our destiny.

I have a commitment to life and I will defend it with all my heart because I was allowed to live!

Rebeca Solórzano lives in Mexico with her husband and three children. She is a pro-life blogger for Save The 1 and our Spanish division, Salvar El 1. Please pray for her as she testifies before Congress in Mexico. You can find her original story written in Spanish here.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally printed at Save the 1 on January 30, 2017, and is reprinted here with permission.

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